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  1. Not using teamdrives really - and that includes a trash that hasn't been emptied. Plus a whole bunch of messy duplicate files I am slowly trying to sort out. I wouldn't be surprised if I could delete a couple of hundred TB out of that. I am using teamdrives, but looking at how I might organise things going forward. Half the stuff I have isn't even scanned into plex or emby, just sitting there for the sake of it. To check space you can use an rclone command on the remote. https://rclone.org/commands/rclone_size/
  2. Server side renames and stability at scale. Otherwise whatever works.... I use rclone VFS and mergerfs combo on my other servers but not unraid, that is currently as per the guide in this thread.
  3. That's exactly what I was going to try. But want to make some adjustments too so will wait until I have a bit more time just in case.
  4. With --fast-list fixed in the latest rclone I thought it was time I updated, but I'm not sure how to do this on unraid - if I try to update the plugin it fails because it is in use. Is there a proper proceedure?
  5. Thank you nuhull - I had a few settings backwards and ram transcoding has done the trick. For emby `/tmp` didn't work but using /dev/shm/ seems to have.
  6. Quite often they have scanned with a file modification date of 2099 and so remain at the top. I think you need to remove them from plex, copy the file, replace it and re add. Try changing modification dates first. Maybe a `touch` on the offending file. With both Plex and Emby I'm seeing files pause/stop at certain intervals. Pause/Play will do nothing but exiting the play state back to menu and then resuming playback works (for however long that interval is). I have seen some stuff about setting transcode directories but this doesn't seem to have worked and I am not sure how to do the same for emby. Any ideas?
  7. AH - thank you very much, answered a question I didn't even know I needed to ask yet.
  8. Unmount then run mount script in background? Or will this require a server restart? Kaizac Is this the 'sleep 5' setting, ie sleep 60.
  9. Back home after holiday travels and again my mount seems to have failed after a reboot / power outage. I've fixed it manually and haven't tested a reboot yet but now have a problem with ```/var/log is getting full (currently 100 % used)``` my syslog being full of rclone entries is all I can really notice. I've changed log level from DEBUG to WARN but do I need to reboot to test this or will it use changed log level on next run? I don't really want to reboot for a few days right now if I can avoid it. Or I should say, due to the size I do not really want to rebuild it if it fails again.
  10. I have a remote server that does all my downloading, it's just ubuntu. Everything is set up with docker's but traktarr is just a script that talks to sonarr. The other docker that I linked I have not yet set up but I thought it might be easier to do within unraid as it is a docker, but maybe that is just me not understanding how to use unraid.
  11. There is also https://hub.docker.com/r/metamma/sonarr-trakt-tv/ but I haven't got around to setting it up. Radarr you can just add a trakt list directly.
  12. Also - I use traktarr and a lot of Trakt lists. Plus I have a few different libraries, so 4k movies and Documentary movies and so on. https://github.com/l3uddz/traktarr
  13. Little bit of both. I used a teamdrive service account workaround for a while, but that is just in my drive, I have a few accounts that I link teamdrives to.
  14. Yes, near instant. But quick enough. How big is big?