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  1. Thanks so much Squid, this fixed it !! didn't realise I still had it installed, thought I got rid of it a while ago.
  2. Hi On 6.8.3 recently the menu options have become unresponsive. When you select stop, pause or restart by right clicking on the docker shortcuts either through dashboard or dicker tabs there is no response. There is still response when selecting edit or logs etc. Have tried with multiple browsers on multiple devices and tried turning theme engine on/off still no resolution. Have seen others on the unraid facebook discuss the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Phil
  3. Hi I have looked through release announcements and squids update, but still unable to find clear instructions on what to do with existing BRTFS cache pools. When I upgrade from 6.8.3 to beta 25 the cache pool volume changes and am unable to access dockers images etc... Don't want to proceed further as would pose risk to all data on cache pool. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Phil
  4. Love the new WireGuard plugin Even better if there was a unraid supported Dark Mode
  5. Hi Guys Thanks very much for the quick reply's, sorry for my description its quite late in the evening here! At the start I had 1 parity drive, 1 cache and 4 data drives. Am confident the parity drive was ok did not run a specific test at the time but have had no errors from that drive before. I also remember which drive the parity is and what order they where in. It was the 4th data drive that failed, I got this from webgui before I shut down the system to replace the drive. Like the sound of the new configuration idea and ticking "parity is already valid" was unsure on th
  6. Hi Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. I was previously running 6.1.9 when I updated unraid plugin to 6.2.0. Before getting round to restarting my system one of the array drives failed. Upon exchanging my HDD and returning home I discovered an issue with unraid 6.2.0 where it will not the gui will not start with only a cache drive present and as my array was off line I followed instructions on manually updating my installation (downloading latest release, replace bzimage and bzroot files on usb stick) After following this instruction webgui started great !! However