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  1. The ROOT_URL was confusing me a bit, so thanks for clarifying. - Boxland
  2. Hi Kru-x. That was my problem also. It does not show up in community applications. I ended up copying the xml from your repository and manually put it in the dockerMan template folder. Now I am able to install it. Is it possible for you to take a screenshot of your mongodb-wekan docker setup?' Edit: Never mind. I got it up and running. Thanks. - Boxland
  3. I cannot find the mongodb-wekan container. I added to my docker templates, but mongodb-wekan is not found.
  4. Hi. I am trying to install your docker, but i get this error "Error response from daemon: could not get container for mongodb-wekan: No such container: mongodb-wekan." - Boxland
  5. Is it possible to make the statistic show 24-hour time instead of AM/PM?
  6. Hi, I have two Unraid servers. One main server and one backup server. The banner on my main server gets streched the whole width of the screen, and there are some conflicts with app buttons on the top right. Both servers are running Azure theme. Main server: Backup server: Any idea how to fix this? Edit: Never mind. I fixed it by copying the default-azure.css from my backupserver to my main server. -Boxland
  7. I tried to update but the docker is still on 5.5.24.
  8. I used the default docker settings, the only thing I changed was the host port. I made a new database and user with MySQL Workbench, and edited the sys.config.php file with the database credentials and database host. It might be related to this: - Boxland
  9. Hi, After running the initial setup I get this error.
  10. Hi, I just stumbled upon this dashboard: Looks like a great alternative to muximux. Has anyone tried it? - Boxland -
  11. Hi, Are there any plans to make a unraid friendly version of this docker? - Boxland