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  1. PlexGuide is doing something similiar and they have automated the creation of the service accounts. You specify how many and it creates them for you. It spits out a list of accounts and you add them to your gsuite account. There must be a way to create the accounts without creating a full Gmail account. I will try and have a look to understand how it works. Not that I am all that smart
  2. I remember why I loved the UnRaid forums so much now. You guys rock... Thanks for the info. I will do some more reading on this.. Thanks Spladge. This looks like exactly what I would like to do. More learning though! Cheers folks.. As of right now plex is scanning in the libraries. Once it is done I will test some reboots to make sure everything is running correctly. Then move onto getting plex to see new stuff at a decent pace. Much thanks! Mike
  3. Much thanks! Tooks some tweaking and playing but things seem to be working. It will be a work in progress I am sure! Another question... Tweaking the rclone parameters.... As I am doing my downloading on another server how do you suggest changing the rclone command to better see the new media as it is downloaded. Is there a way to kick start the process to manually refresh the content? Specifically --dir-cache-time 720h How low can I go with this safely? Or is there a better option to get rclone to see new files on the remote side? Thanks!!
  4. Hey folks.. I have been running UnRaid for a number of years. Awhile back I heard about plexguide and I have been using it with cloud servers to populate a gsuite account. I plan on still using plexguide as a feeder for gsuite drive but I would like to move the plex server back to my UnRaid server as I now have decent bandwidth at home and can support my families requirements. Where I am running into problems is that I did not use encryption when I setup my drives and I store everything in a tdrive share. Any directions or posts on installing without encryption? I have rclone up and configed. I did not setup the 2 VFS portions of rclone config. using the mount script from DZMM it does run with some errors but the mounts are there and I am able to point plex at the shares. I am now trying to work through the upload script and cleanup script but running into more errors. Any direction or advise is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. I am a long way from pro... It maybe worth starting a new thread to gain some more eyes.. I would also look at posting logs to help out those in the know... For me I did end up replacing the Motherboard/CPU and adding ram.. I had some extra hardware I was able to swap around... Sounds like you already have killer hardware so guessing that is not an option :-) Good luck!
  6. ANyone able to comment... Is this still working? Any other recommended methods for attacking rclone on Unraid? New to this and just trying to learn my way around. THanks,
  7. I guess maybe I am asking a bit much for a single post.. I have done some more reading and have some more research to do.. The 2TB are drives that I have on hand. All drives will be tested prior to being put into production. That said Everything on this server will be duplication of files I have on my server. If I am to loose data here its not the end of the world. 2 Main projects I am trying to achieve here. 1) Replace Crashplan for my offsite backup. I have been using Crashplan with a PC at a work. If I am building a box for Plex for Family then I may as well backup to it. I am starting to look at duplicati as an option. Any opinions on Duplicati or is there others I should look at first? 2) Hosting some of my Media offsite for Plex so my very slow upload speed is not wrecked when one person is streaming (I cannot play online games when a single 720p stream is outbound. I was pondering trying to find a way to mirror to content to an offsite server but I am starting to look at Cloud storage. Any good starting points for Plex/Google Business accounts? Thanks folks!
  8. Hey Folks, Been using Unraid for a number of years. I used to share my Plex out with a couple family members but my internet is to slow to do this after a move. So I am pondering how to help them. They are all non-tech peoples. Trying to accomplish a few things with this and looking for some suggestions. Further due to a recent job change I cannot host an offsite backup anymore and I have been using CrashPlan which is going away. Goals Offsite Plex Server for 3 people Offsite backup for me Automatic mirroring of new media I have an old Dell Workstation available with Dual Xeons (old E5405's) and 32GB of ram.. Was thinking I can install unRaid.. Then using some Dockers have some sort of backup system in place. Anything that lands in a certain folder on my Unraid gets compressed, encrypted and pushed across to the other box. Hopefully something with some smarts of Crashplan with Version History, incremental etc. Same for new TV shows and Movies, have them copied across but not compression or encryption. I will have limited Storage for the Dell. I am hoping I can scrape together four or five 2TB drives to put in it. One will be reserved for my backup. I will see the others with all the newer media. I will have to manually delete older stuff from time to time to allow room to add the new stuff. Thoughts on how I might do this? Am I maybe better off playing with the google drive and hosting my media online? Any suggestions are appreciated. Hopefully I have described things clearly. Any questions let me know! Thanks,
  9. Drive is in a drive caddy.. I cleaned out the caddy and re-seated the drive. The cable is part of a 4 cable harness that goes to the caddy so I just re-seated power and data for now. I will replace if I see further climbs in the CRC errors. Thanks for the quick reply. I should have figure this out myself... Much appreciated though!
  10. Hey folks, Started getting some email errors from my server regarding UDMA CRC errors. Its been climbing steady for 3 or 4 days now. I just got home after 2 weeks out of town. I am only home for 3 days and gone again for 2 more weeks. Wondering some thoughts on how I best handle this. Ideally I would like to keep the server running for the next 2 weeks. But short of running no parity or ignoring the error I don't see other options.. I don't have enough space free to re-jig the drives and put a data drive in as parity. Is it even a serious issue? Drive smart status attached. Its an HGST 8TB. Came from Newegg Canada back in December, so only 3 months old. I ordered 2 at the same time. The second one is not having any issues as far as I can tell... May as well attach its smarts as well... Its a Data drive.
  11. Will have a look at the Reddit post fro sure. Thanks... Looks like exactly what I am after. Canadian Dollar is pretty strong right now to which helps!
  12. I run a Blue Iris Server in Windows 10. Its recording 5 HD cameras and eats cores. Right now I have 4 cores assigned to it and it scrapes by. It could use more. Plex I am playing with 4k content recently and find it is buffering a lot so I have to add cores to it. A couple other VM's with 1 or 2 cores. I only run the Blue Iris VM full time, the others are on demand as needed. I am living within the confines of what I have now. Just looking to take the next step to have some room to expand and play a little.
  13. Hey Folks, I think it’s time to upgrade my UnRaid server. I am playing a bit more with VM’s and I am hitting some walls while trying to leave enough horse power for the Dockers I am running, mainly Plex. I have isolated plex to non VM cores which has helped but this only leaves me enough cores to run a couple VM’s…. Current hardware is all home built. A monster tower case with 9 drives. Mostly connected via a Dell H310 flashed for JBOD. I have an Asus X79-Deluxe with 32GB ram and an i7-4960x 6 core CPU…. Goals are more cores, maybe more ram.. In the ideal world I would free up this Motherboard and CPU that I can turn into my gaming machine. Trying to keep price down… No budget set right now trying to determine if it’s something I can justify. The motherboard supports some Xeon processors so this would be a quick easy route. In Canada I am seeing E5-2697 V2 on ebay for around $700 to my door. I could then scope out a used Motherboard and ram for the i7 that’s free’d up. Other suggestions? Is there some Ebay Servers or Motherboard/CPU combo’s that are go to for people here? Sound and heat are not major concerns as the box is stored in a utility room in the basement. Or do I look at adding a new server. One for Dockers and Plex, and another just for VMs… Just looking for idea’s to guide my research a little bit. I have poked at this a few times and usually get lost in some rabbit hole never making a decision Thanks in advance!