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  1. So, I tried the other two backplanes but no dice. At this point either the cables are both dead or the entire backplane setup is dead. I tested each backplane against a drive just using the SAS-SATA forward breakout cable and the controller shows the forward breakout drive but not the backplane drive. I guess I’ll try some different 8087-8087 cables as they’re relatively cheap to replace, and if not return this chassis for a replacement.
  2. I'm a little confused on what cables to use with my HBA. Basically, I've had my UnRAID machine up for about 2 years now, but was running out of space for new drives. I decided to grab one of there: This has 16 hotswap bays, with 8087 connectors on the backplane. Now, I have a SuperMicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 HBA which was working great with a breakout cable back when I was using 8
  3. Oh no not the config folders, actually choosing "delete container and image" instead of just "delete container" from the docker menu on deleting Unless that is what you meant by configs
  4. Right, I think I fixed it. Entirely deleting the image and the container, instead of just removing the container, and reinstalling, it now keeps the mixed setting! I have no idea why or how, but thank you for your assistance.
  5. Yes, and once I cat from within the container it reflects the change.
  6. Right, I purged all configs, reinstalled mariadb and pointed to the cache only appdata folder. When I attach to the docker, and cat the custom.cnf it DOES show the mixed binlog_format, its just mariadb seems to ignore this config file.
  7. Absolutely, I'll move my dockers over there from now on. I've been doing it like this (wrong) for a while now apparently! It is now in /mnt/cache/appdata/mariadb/config but even with the config file set to MIXED mariadb loads up with STATEMENT
  8. Ah I see, my apologies. However, changing it doesn't fix the issue. It still shows up as STATEMENT
  9. Yes it is, /mnt/user/Configs is a cache only share, that maps to /mnt/cache/Configs
  10. My configs for mariadb are in /mnt/cache/Configs/mariadb-nextcloud
  11. Hi, Posting these at the request of CHBMB. My MariaDB doesn't seem to want to set its binlog_format to mixed, which is presenting problems for NextCloud. My custom.cnf is basically the default just with changed binlog_format. ## custom configuration file, please be aware that changing options here may break things [mysqld_safe] nice = 0 [mysqld] max_connections = 100 connect_timeout = 5 wait_timeout = 600 max_allowed_packet = 16M thread_cache_size = 128 sort_buffer_size = 4M bulk_insert_buffer_size = 16M tmp_table_size = 32M max_heap_table_size = 32M # # * MyISAM # # T
  12. Hi, Having read through this thread I still can't get MariaDB (LSIO container) to keep mixed binlog mode. I've changed the custom.cnf file both from within the container, and externally using NP++ but when MariaDB starts up it just switches back to statement mode. At the moment, I'm having to use an SQL query to set the global binlog mode every time my server is rebooted. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Tom
  13. Hey, My instance isn't showing anything docker related - I've mapped the docker directory as describe in the post in this thread but I don't see anything docker related in the UI. Tom
  14. Hey, Any chance of a Jackett-Public build? Now Jackett has removed all public trackers it has a little less utility than before. I believe this is the main Jackett-Public repo: Thanks!