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  1. I'd like to add that for anyone having problems, check out the the syslog immediately after trying a log in: tail /var/log/syslog Mine had this line: Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory / Which was easily fixed by doing this: cd / chown root:root .
  2. Hey @kocane I stumbled across your post in this forum after researching the same thing. I'm not sure if you ever found a solution, but I did. I implemented a workaround for @binhex's arch-qbittorrent container, but the same should apply for Deluge. I posted as it an issue on the github for that container, and you can read the solution here. In brief, it's similar to the ADDITIONAL_PORTS method available in the arch-sabnzbdvpn container. The extra variable is parsed by the script and adds a new iptable rule which allows incoming and outgoing connections on the
  3. RE my above post, consider is SOLVED. The problem was quite simple: I use nginx to reverse proxy my various application interfaces to subdomains which are accessible over the internet. Because of this, Jackett was generating a torznab host address of the form Simply changing this to my local IP address when adding it to Sonarr (eg solved the problem.
  4. I'm having issues, hopefully you guys can help. My configuration is set as below on the Jackett admin page: My container is set up as follows: If I run a manual search and select "download locally" the torrent is sent to deluge, however if I select "save to server blackhole directory" I get the error "request to jacket server failed" on the screen, but no mention in the logs. Additionally, if I run a search in sonarr I get shown releases from my indexer, but selecting them for download gives the error "invalid torrent file specified" Any help would be appre
  5. Yes, I originally set it from the web interface. I double checked that the core.conf file was being updated by the web interface too. Is this for manually added torrents, or automatically sent from another application like sonarr? Good catch: this has been using DelugeSiphon to handle magnet links. Adding .torrent files to the watched folder results in correct behaviour. Follow up question: how do I use DelugeSiphon, or is there a better chrome extension that others use? Thanks!!
  6. I'm having some trouble getting the downloads to go to the correct folder. I have the following mappings: /data -> /mnt/user/deluge /config -> /mnt/user/appdata/deluge My core.conf file has the following entries (in their correct positions in the file): "download_location": "/data/incompleted" "move_completed_path": "/data/complete" "autoadd_location": "/data/torrent-files" Yet still new downloads are downloaded in /home/nobody/Incompletes. I've checked the permissions of the /data folder multiple times, they're owned by nobody:users (99:100) which is the user de