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  1. Im running into similar issues. I've tried both docker templates reference in this thread so far. 1. A couple plugins require a newer version. 2. I'm also running into an issue where the docker, immediately after starting up is showing as stopped in unRAID, but nothing is appearing in the log file to indicate why.
  2. I think I have this sorted. It's simple, but not very spelled out for a newbie like myself. To target the plexpass tag, you just need to append ":plexpass" to the end of the repo name in your settings. I'm attaching an image to illustrate. Hope it helps!
  3. I'm hitting the same wall. I'm not seeing how we should update our docker in unRAID to the latest plexpass version on the official docker repo to gain access to the Live TV feature. I see they have tags and I tried changing the version to the same "plexpass", but no luck.
  4. Jackett was perfect. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. I'm attempting to move from SickRage to Sonarr. Is there a way to import my indexers so that Sonarr checks the same sources? Sonarr seems to be much more limited in what's listed on install.
  6. Thanks CHBMB. I looked in that directory, but I'm not finding the python2.7 folder. I actually don't see any python folder for that matter. Hmm. I'm logged in as the root user via SSH.
  7. Hi, I'm getting an error message when trying to send updates via SickRage, regarding No JSON object could be decoded. DelugeVPN is showing this error in supervisors.log 2017-03-11 08:55:52,901 DEBG 'deluge-web-script' stderr output: [ERROR ] 08:55:52 json_api:285 Invalid JSON request content-type: None Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/deluge/ui/web/json_api.py", line 307, in render d = self._on_json_request(request) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/deluge/ui/web/json_api.py", line 267, in _on_json_request raise JSONException(message) JSONException: Invalid JSON request content-type: None As a relative newbie with unRAID, I'm uncertain how to troubleshoot further. I've recently updated both dockers to their latest and I believe that's likely where this conflict arose.
  8. Recently updated SickRage and DelugeVPN (torrent app), I'm now receiving the following message in SickRage when I test my connection: No JSON object could be decoded Any ideas what this could be?
  9. Hi! I just installed this docker, thank you Binhex for such a great tool! I've run into a couple issues which I've been unable to find a solution for on the forums here... Using AirVPN...anytime I restart the docker or stop/start, the Web UI becomes unavailable. I must to delete and re-add my AirVPN .ovpn file, then start the docker again. Is there something I have misconfigured that would be causing this? The log says I have a missing parameter or config issue in my .ovpn each time, but nothing has changed on the file. I can't get the move after download to work. I have the folders set properly under preferences -> downloads in the Web UI. The initial download is accurate, and hits the incomplete folder of my choosing. However, it doesn't move the newly downloaded torrent folder/files to my downloaded path, which looks to be accurately set as well. I don't see any errors when ran with debug turned on and off.
  10. I'm suffering from the same issue on 6.2.4. On the docker screens within the unRAID control panel, where do we input this? Or does this fix required the use of ssh? Thanks for your help! I was able to resolve my issue via the control panel. For this docker, I added an additional port that matched the port HA was trying to reach. I can only guess this is not setup as part of the template upon the docker's install; though I'm fairly new to unRAID and docker if I'm not explaining that accurately.
  11. I'm suffering from the same issue on 6.2.4. On the docker screens within the unRAID control panel, where do we input this? Or does this fix required the use of ssh? Thanks for your help!
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a simple docker to help me keep watch over my local network for basic monitoring needs. I figured it might be a good use of my unRAID server and was looking for recommendations of any actively maintained dockers in this regard. Thanks!
  13. Looking for recommendations for setting up and using an AirVPN account with an unRAID server. Is there a docker available that's compatible with this VPN service? I'd like all internet activity from the server to be delivered through this secure connection.
  14. Click the Wrench icon in the bottom left to open a settings menu. Thank you!
  15. Hi, love this docker, it was one of my first to install. Thank you for your efforts here! I have used this app on other platforms, so it was nice to continue its use on my new server. I have what's likely a newb question, so please forgive me in advance...how do I set up my workflow to stop seeding after a file has downloaded successfully? I'm not seeing a menu option I was anticipating in the GUI. I'm guessing I am probably just overlooking this somewhere. Thanks!