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  1. I bought an Optane 900p 280GB Nvme and added it to the zpool as a SLOG device, but when I do benchmarks or drag files using SMB, the "zpool iostat -v" only shows the Optane doing ~100MB/sec writes. I know I can get ~2000MB/sec writes with the drive by itself. I've set compression=lz4, atime=off, sync=always. I've even went and modified the sysctl.conf parameters and nothing seems to work. It's as if the SLOG device is not active. Is there an update to the plugin that can solve this issue?
  2. Thanks for the guide. But I keep getting this message on my system log: Jan 27 17:50:11 Tower zed[9119]: Finished "" eid=40 pid=3441 exit=0 Jan 27 17:50:11 Tower zed[9119]: Invoking "" eid=40 pid=3442 Jan 27 17:50:11 Tower zed[9119]: Finished "" eid=40 pid=3442 exit=0 Jan 27 17:50:11 Tower zed[9119]: Invoking "" eid=41 pid=3445 Jan 27 17:50:11 Tower zed[9119]: Finished "" eid=41 pid=3445 exit=0 Jan 27 17:50:11 Tower zed[9119]: Invoking "history_event-zfs-li
  3. I can't seem to locate the "go" file or the zed.rc on Krusader app to edit it. Could you provide a step-by-step process to setup ZED. I'm used to the GUI, not familiar with CLI. If you can provide a step-by-step command entry, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. Hi, could you provide a detailed guide on how to set up the nic to Ethernet Mode? I tried opening the “mlxconfig.exe” but it automatically closes. I am using Windows 10 and updated the firmware using the WinOF.exe installation wizard. Then I installed the MFT tool but now cannot get “mlxconfig.exe” to open. I’d really appreciate your help.
  5. What if I can afford a 10Gb LAN Nic? Would I see an exponential increase in write speed from windows to linux?
  6. So even if I apply 802.11ad on the unraid server as well as my switch, I cannot use the full bandwidth of 4Gbps when transferring a single file from one client?
  7. I'm new to NAS and networking so bare with me. I would like to set up a system with 4x4TB HDD, 1x500GB SSD cache. 8 core intel cpu. LSI 9260 8i RAID controller. 4 port gigabit Pcie Nic. Connect the 4 gigabit ethernet ports to my gigabit switch and out to my PC which also has a 4 port gigabit Nic. Assuming that I setup the link aggregation correctly, could I get write speeds of up to 400 MB/s? Has anyone tried this setup? Please tell me if this works.