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  1. Just a thank you post for ich777, Got the new GPU in and all is as it was! thank you
  2. 1060 Super specifically has Turing NVENC the non super 1060 doesn't. 1660s are Turing far as I am aware Atleast the one I have coming is
  3. If you want best of near everything bare minimum a 1060 SUPER(specifically) or 1660 would be better
  4. Well just an update I finally pulled that card and put in my other pc to test it, "worked" like you said until driver install and then this (see attachment) what a coincidence though it dies during my drive replacements etc.
  5. 4g decoding what heading is this typically under?
  6. Nope no riser cables etc. I do have a seperate pc if I put this gpu in that pc and gpu works what would that mean for unraid? In respects to the BIOS reset. Do I pose any risk to my unraid setup in any fashion by doing this? If so what precautions should I take/make?
  7. I don't even know what vfio means or is so I suspect no. I'm familiar with bios but define what you mean by reset. Also I do find it strange that so many other people in the old thread started having same issue as me?
  8. Plugin removed no more errors in log, editing my one vm and simply switching from vnc to my 1070 and starting produced this.
  9. Booting uefi mode atm. I'll try the plugin removal now
  10. so I did the reseat and power reseat and upon rebooting into the system and eagerly opening the nvidia driver plugin I screamed with joy! my card was detected as it was before! I went to go resetup my plex docker as it once was. Completed that and went to test the transcoding and run the nvidia-smi watch command and BOOM "no devices were found". Check the plugin page again, gpu disappeared. Rebooted again for fun , no devices were found. Just as a side note my motherboard bios is up to date checked that as well and I also had a DP cable plugged into the gpu as i did read that could cause issue
  11. God I sure hope so, just seeing it on and lights and fan and seeing it detected didn't make me think that was even a possibility but I'm sure stranger things are possible
  12. Only thing I've done is add and remove drives and do a new config for that. I'll definitely check power when I get home then