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  1. @brimnac Thanks for the reply I'll give it a try
  2. Anyone know how I can add this to the config/command line c=LTC,mc=FIRO. I need it in order for the pool to convert my FIRO to LTC. Thanks in advanced for the help
  3. I was able to restore everything back to normal on wednesday and everything was fine on Thursday, but this Friday afternoon. Parity got disabled and other disks were put to grey status as the picture shows. I couldn't stop the array since it was stuck so I had to do a hard shutdown. Could it be just a coincidence and had bad luck or does the diagnostics show the same thing again?
  4. Well thinking I was fine, I had to stop the array and the other cache became corrupted as well as I started it up again. I have a question regarding the recovery options you linked. Do these have to be performed while the array is started in normal mode, maintenance mode or not have the array started? Thanks in advanced
  5. Yeah the second Cache 2 disk was a mirror of Cache disk so I just swap them. Thank you once again for explaining what happened
  6. Hi, I upgraded the OS to 6.9rc2 after the data rebuild. Then rebooted and started the array, and now the Cache disks are showing as "Unmountable: No file system", I have attached the diagnostics and a picture. Should I reboot again and see if they get mounted this time?
  7. I'm going to update to 6.9 to see if it resolves these problems then. Just need to wait for the parity data rebuild to finish. Thanks for the advice
  8. My parity disk became disabled and I started a parity check, but stopped it as I realized there's no point to it. I have a feeling it might be the sata cables or the sata controller on the motherboard as it happened to disk1 a day before and unraid hangs on "stopping array" for hours when I wanted to shutdown to inspect disk1. Which forced me to force shutdown the server. I have posted the diagnostics file before restarting. I really appreciate anyone who helps me figure this out.
  9. (SOLVED) I was able to test out the USB in the slots on the back instead of infront of the case and it worked. So my guess is that the driver wasn't loading for the USB controller on the front panel.
  10. It's a USB 3.0 stick and I've tried booting from either the USB 2.0 port and USB 3.0 port. I also made sure it's booting into legacy mode so it won't go into UEFI. I tried the command and only showed tmpfs. So I believe it should at least show disk 1, but like you said earlier it doesn't seem to mount it. It's really strange behavior.
  11. I tried it again and same thing, and like how it mentioned earlier that the USB does work on my other computer, I was even able to make the zip file and it saved on the flash drive. Could a setting on the BIOS be breaking it?
  12. Here is what it looks like, I believe more stuff should be showing up besides just the config folder
  13. I would also like to add that my /boot doesn't show what I have in my usb which is the img file and those txt files, so for some reason it only shows the config folder
  14. Yeah it's formatted as FAT32, and I did that but it doesn't seem to save. How do I make it so it saves to the flash drive instead of on the RAM?
  15. (SOLVED) I was able to test out the USB in the slots on the back instead of infront of the case and it worked. So my guess is that the driver wasn't loading for the USB controller on the front panel. So I have UnRAID 6.1.9 on a 32GB USB. It boots up fine but when I try to access the server by either the IP or domain name it won't let me get in, but I can use Putty to access it for some reason. I'll put the syslog below, I had to delete some text because of the 20000 character limit, so I chose what I thought was important, if it doesn't have what you need to find out, I uploaded it to pas