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  1. For now, I just removed the mnt/appdata/rollarr path reference and it loaded just fine. Maybe have Rollarr installed into a subdirectory and ref that subdirectory? For me, I'm not really sure I'll need to access the script anyway, so no big deal. (but that's just me) Thanks for setting this up SmithyNithy!
  2. Yes, I'd removed the plugin, rebooted and was getting the same performance issues in Win10 VM as I was before (the issue where I'd lose network connection wasn't tested, seeing as it appeared to be random over the course of a day or days). I added the plugin back, then removed it and rebooted again and it seemed to work then. Maybe there was a permissions issue or something? I don't recall seeing an error during removal (just the same removal msg I saw the second time). Either way, things seem to be working fine now. No more VM latency and the server has been on for 24hrs now w/o network issues... time will tell. Only issue I have now is a D3 issue but I equate that to the new video card. I don't believe it has anything to do with the plugin. I'd purchased a new video card cause I didn't think it was the plugin till I came across the post and Nick's post. Up until that point, I thought it was my video card going bad. Oh well... live, learn, enjoy 3070 TI >.<
  3. I removed the plugin, still had the same issues. I added it, then removed it again, and now everything's working fine. Some of the things I was doing to compensate (including turning off C-States) I was able to undo (now all C States are auto in bios and no c-state settings are forced in GO file) and everything works great now.
  4. Are there any modifications or things installed that may not get un-done or uninstalled by removing the plugin? Thanks for your time.
  5. I have the same issues as nickp86 I thought it was my GPU but now I'm coming across others (link below, as well as Nick) who have had issues mirroring mine: r/unRAID/comments/nqvrhc/windows_vm_crashing_vfio_bar_restore_reset Diag attached Removing the plugin (so far) hasn't resolved my issues, but they started around the time when i installed it and my symptoms are very similar to other's (lose network connection, server lockups, VM crashes or system crashes, etc)
  6. Another good one, man! Thanks! I'm not going to mess w/ my processor (it alone costs more that any full computer I've ever built) but it's definitely an awesome status/monitoring/info tool!
  7. Found the issue. I tried three games, Xanth, Buck Rogers (Matrix), and Eye of the Beholder. Xanth worked, but others did not. The difference with No sub directory. I removed the subdiretory from EOB and MATRIX and they worked (after refresh of the web page). Case closed. Thanks! This is so awesome!!!!
  8. Hey ich777, I tried out your js-DOS container and I can't get it to work properly. I'm trying to load my Eye of the Beholder. It seems to work in a web browser on this site - But when I load it, the "fullscreen" button doesn't work and it doesn't load the game like it looks on First run logs read: and the website flashes loading some files but then nothing, and (as stated) the "fullscreen" button doesn't work (where it does work on the retro site). Let me know what else I can provide to assist. Thanks!
  9. (forgot to answer one question) This is the Alien Swarm I'm speaking of: I see a dedicated server option in the Tools section for it (in the Steam client)
  10. Ohhhh for some reason I thought Alien Swarm's dedicated server was linux. Sorry! Nvm on that if it's going to be that much work. If you want to work on it, be my guest, but no pressure from me. Toss me your steam name (I'm Veizour) and I'll send you the starbound copy. I got the "4 pack" and then one wasn't necessary because I got a divorce, so you get the "divorce special" (lolol!!) As for time frame... hey, you're not running a business with this, I'm in no position to push. If you turn this around in a month, I'm fine and happy in just having the opportunity to run it in a container in the first place. 🙂 I really appreciate the work you do, and the "steam folder shared with all the dockers" you put out is so genius, really, nice design and setup!
  11. Thank you, so much for your work, ich777!! I've used multiple version of our steam docker setups. Thanks! I was wondering if we could get Starbound (I can provide a copy of the game) and/or Alien Swarm (free) implemented? Thanks again, for your time and dedication to the project!