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  1. @CoZ There are some workarounds listed here: The Unraid Devs came back in that post and said it was a programming issue with webMAN-MOD, but I have concerns with that decision. I have moved my box over to FreeNAS and not looked back. As such, I won't be digging into this bug. If you want, you can go back to the webMAN devs and see what they say. Until then, the workaround is probably good enough.
  2. @Snickers As far as I can tell, it is an error with UnRaid's latest versions. I submitted a bug report back in May, but so far it has been ignored by the UnRaid Team. If you would like to use the PS3NETSERV application on Unraid, use a version of Unraid older than 6.8.0 or use it inside of a VM. I've left it up on CA because there are users willing to stay on a pre-6.8.0 version to use this app. Personally, I am in the process of moving away from Unraid and to another system. Having a Urgent bug report ignored for this long has lowered my confidence in this product and mak
  3. I'm curious if there is any update on this bug report? Has it been received? Do you plan on fixing it? If not, I need to pull specific applications off the Community Applications and I need to move from UnRaid to another platform. I've upgraded the report to Urgent since it's a "show stopper" and makes the array unusable for certain applications.
  4. Background Info I've been troubleshooting an application running in a docker container. I pulled it out of the docker container and ran on baremetal and am having the same issues. You can see my and others' troubleshooting here: We started having issues with UnRaid 6.8.0 and higher. I limited it down to a small `.cpp` files to highlight the issue. Small Files: Here is my filesystem: root@Tower:~# tree -L 3 /mnt/user/games/ /mnt/user/gam
  5. @flinte Yes. That error is expected. It's saying it doesn't have a valid SSL certificate. You need to accept the certificate. I also updated pritunl to the latest, in the event it was another issue.
  6. I was able to reproduce this bug and had the same error. I'm on 6.7.2
  7. I don't use these variables in my container.... I'm not sure where you're getting them from.
  8. The fact that you see pritunl generating keys and the like means that it's not picking up the config file. I'll see if I can get that fixed. Give me a bit.
  9. @gxs Thank you. I haven't needed to build a new container in a while, so I haven't noticed the change in the way pritunl gets the default user. I'll have to fix that, as I get the same error as you. What I don't get in my testing is the issues with the port binding in your logs: panic: listen tcp bind: address already in use I'll take a look at this and see if I can get it fixed.
  10. You'll need to post more specific information. This container still works for me and I have no issues. What do your logs say?
  11. @nuhll actually, this server will work with the Steam Version. You'll just have to grab the files and put them in the mount point. Unfortunately, I don't own the steam version so I can't provide a guide or official support, but it *will* work, and there are other (non-unraid) docker containers built specifically for the Steam Version.
  12. @hus2020 I have not tested this on 6.4 yet, as I haven't upgraded. But it's working as intended for a few other machines I've seen. That "No handlers could be found for logger" error appears for every user, but it still works just fine. You probably need to check your port mappings. Here's an example of mine: You don't need to add this docker manually, as it is in the community applications as a beta container.
  13. Hey, I'm really sorry about that! Losing a save game really sucks. From my understanding of Starbound this is how it works (this could be completely wrong): character inventory and ship is saved on your local computer Autosaving happens continuously - 3 backups are actually made and pushed out sequentially. When I played it has always just saved itself and I never had to worry about it. Nonetheless, I'd love to make it more resilient to issues like yours. Give me a few days to dig into this. Also, what cron job are you setting? I can set this within the docker container itse
  14. Hey! I'm glad you got it working. This command might be better than your chown: chown -R nobody:users /mnt/user/appdata/starbound But, honestly, what you did was great! If you have any issues, let me know!