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  1. I want to echo this statement! I'm the guy who created a pull request to get my mqtt auth working with this docker and I really appreciate your work on this. I will be checking out the ML stuff soon.
  2. I got my VM back, so I consider this solved for now. Thanks for the help once more.
  3. Thanks again for taking the time to help me. I have just grabbed copies of my vm xml, so I'll try that. Is the CA Appdata Backup / Restore v2 Plugin the recommended way to keep backups of important files, or is there a list somewhere of files I should include in my backups?
  4. Thanks for your answer. I do not have backup of that file (should I have?) How do I recreate it? I have restarted the system since I had the disc-error on the array, so I might have to create a new topic on that if/when it returns.
  5. I've had an issue with my server which caused the following problems: a) unable to write to the server via the smb network, getting the message that the drive is full even though the UI shows plenty of space (both on cache and on array) b) unable to start some of my docker apps, but some still ran c) unable to start a ubuntu server VM While messing around I seem to have fixed a) by restarting (at least it works for now). And b) by removing the docker.img file and re-adding my dockers apps. But c) still remains, the error message I get is this: Execution
  6. Thanks for the answer. Unless a jenkins+python docker is something that is right around the corner from you, I think I will try option 3, and mess about with making my own docker based on yours. Teach a man to fish, and all that.
  7. Hey binhex How would I go about adding a python runtime to this app? My tasks are basically python (2) scripts that should run like cron jobs, and on changes to my repos, but this container does not include python, so my jobs fail. Can somebody help?
  8. That sounds like you are having the same issue I have with an ubuntu 16 server, As I wrote, it works as expected with ubuntu 14, so I think there is something special about ubuntu 16 that works differently, but I'm not an expert on those matters
  9. I created a Ubuntu server 14.04.4 LTS VM, and that one works as expected... so it seems it is something I don't understand about the 16 version.
  10. Hello all I have created a VM for ubuntu server 16.04, and it boots and is connected to the internet (I ran apt-get upgrade), however I cant figure out how to get it to get its own ip. Running ifconfig -a shows no ip (other than for loopback) Two things that might be important: - I'm running 6.2.0-beta21 version og unraid - I'm currently running i trial mode These are my settings: XML for VM, using br0 bridge <domain type='kvm' id='1'> <name>DriftServer</name> <uuid>f4fd8961-cb08-df5c-e67b-c6a3d0c81ad6</uuid> <meta