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  1. Well it seems like the plugin doesn't work with 6.4.0-rc8q anymore? The UI is responsive, the swap file is created, but I can't manage to get it used...
  2. Adding IPv6 to unRaid should fix docker-container that break because of a lack of ipv6, right?
  3. Hey there! I recently bought myself a 240gb SSD for my appdata and system share. The main reason is to speed up VM and Docker container restarts and to seperate the Drive from the actual data drive to further increase the speed. I already have a Cache SSD with only 60gb (enough for my Cache purposes). Sadly, I cannot figure out a way, so that the "System"-SSD is not beeing written to as a Cache. I really don't want to impair the speed of my VMs. How should I go about this? P.S.: Already saw https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=39433.0 and https://lime-technolog
  4. Since someone asked for it before, would a BlissHQ Docker be possible?
  5. https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=48086.0 Close please.
  6. As I've come to notice the content of the folder \flash\config\plugins\dynamix.vm.manager is completely empty. Can that be why I can't start the vm manager?
  7. Any Ideas? I'm kinda stuck here...
  8. Hey there! I recently updated to the newest version, but now I can't get the VM Manager to start again. I kinda need my VMs asap, is there anything I can do to force the manager to turn on? Are there any logs? Sincerely, Kuki
  9. Doesnt storing something under /mnt/disk and not under /mnt/user break the parity? greetings
  10. After further investigation it seems like the nginx server cannot access /config/keys. Letsencrypt seems to be the problem here...
  11. Every time I start up the docker container the nginx server seems to fail. I only have a free dns from no-ip. Using existing nginx.conf Using existing nginx-fpm.conf Using existing site config Using existing landing page Using existing jail.local Using existing fail2ban filters No subdomains defined Using existing DH parameters <-------------------------------------------------> <-------------------------------------------------> cronjob running at Thu Jul 14 08:01:32 CEST 2016 Updating certbot script. It will display help info, which you can ignore certbot-auto [sUBCOMM
  12. Greetings, for some reason my unRaid server rebooted and started a parity check, and I can't figure out why. Is there any way of troubleshooting this? Here are the specs of my rig. CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1230 v5 MB: AsRack E3C236D2I RAM: 2x 8GB Kingston KVR21E15D8/8HA PSU: BeQuiet! Pure Power L8 300W Flash: 8 GB SanDisk Cruzer Fit Cooler: Thermalright AXP-100 HDD: 4x 3000GB WD Red WD30EFRX (1 parity drive) SSD-Cache: 60GB Corsair LS Docker: Apache cadvisor CrashPlan Dolphin JDownloader2 Madsonic Netdata OpenVPN owncloud sync Plugins: