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  1. Any idea how to reset/figure out what my requestrr login credentials are? They are no longer autofilled & i've got no clue...
  2. Hey all, wondering if anyone is having this issue? Any obvious fixes I’m missing? Thanks 👍😁
  3. I’ve updated to 6.7.0 and have been running it for a week roughly. Ended up restarting my plex docker and it will now now start.... logs say starting plex media server over and over as in the attached screen shot any ideas??
  4. Hey all, Curious to see if i'm doing something wrong here, Lidarr isn't importing any of my downloads and doesn't appear to see them... As attached is what i find when I do a manual import (files have been downloaded...) and what my mappings are. Many Thanks
  5. Odd, looks like that has fixed it The hells with that? Those are already set
  6. Hey all, Just replaced my router which had failed with a 'Dlink DSL2900AL' - Now im finding my unraid box cant connect to the outside world AT ALL. (including updating containers) I've tried port forwarding the ports used by some apps such as sonarr and hasn't helped. If anyone knows their way around routers like this please give me a hand, this router is much better than my last other than this! Many Thanks Ayrtoo
  7. Alright so i've reinstalled the software onto my USB drive - It comes up on the webui instantly - I input my key & it 'times out' and doesn't work from there... (tested on latest version). Tried a second router and it makes no difference. Any ideas?
  8. Marginally. For some reason i get "tower’s server DNS address could not be found." when i search with name. & it MIGHT load within like 20 mins if i use the IP. And no nothing has changed on my network (im the only one with admin rights) unless my router is failing?
  9. Heres the diag Thanks a ton! tower-diagnostics-20170413-1629.zip Just had a read of the HDD errors & looks like one of them has 14 odd errors I know a few of them are pretty old drives but were working okay in the meantime Could that be the issue with the slowdown? - All though when i boot into GUI mode and look at unraid via localhost it seems to work quickly without a problem.
  10. Hey all, Yesterday suddenly had some extreme slowdowns and has been the same since. I currently run. - 1x windows 10 VM - Couchpotato - Sonarr - Rtorrent - nzbget All of the above is running on a: i7 3930k. 12gb ram, 12TB storage, 4tb parity, 128gb ssd cache. Here is my syslog file & i've got the diag files but unsure which to upload. Many Thanks syslog.txt Alright so i've reinstalled the software onto my USB drive - It comes up on the webui instantly - I input my key & it 'times out
  11. Oh wonderful - Nice to see its going to be reasonably easy. Many thanks!
  12. Hello all, I've got myself a secondhand enterprise dell server with dual quad core cpu's ;3 Can i move my 5x Hdds across to it? And is there anything I need to be aware of? Many Thanks Ayrton
  13. Means you need to read the Docker FAQ Found it thanks If i reinstall it - Will i lose all of my settings/plex library?
  14. Hey all, been trying to update but have been getting this error: Error: "layers from manifest don't match image configuration" What does this mean exactly? - Thanks
  15. Hello, just installed this today & all torrents added to my rtorrent go into a pausing state but if i delete them and manually add them they work fine. Any idea why?