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  1. I have to add TVH_ARGS="--satip_xml http://your.box.ip.address:49000/satipdesc.xml" So i can get my AVM DVB-C SATIP tuner to work. Guide i use: https://tvheadend.org/boards/4/topics/18013?r=18030#message-18030 The advanced view is only for container arguments right? I think i need to add an application argument.
  2. (Docker noob here) I have to add a start argument for tvheadend, how do i do that in docker?
  3. Awesome! How is your VM and Host configured? I never got it to work (installs using powershell command but won't start VMs).
  4. 1. Evan, which motherboard or sound card (if you use a dedicated one) do you use? 2. Is it really just delayed (increased latency) or do you also hear other audio distortions? I think it might have something to do with the way the sound card handles increased CPU latency to prevent distortions.
  5. 99% sure it won't work, it is installed but the hypervisor itself is not completely started. For some reason Microsoft really doesn't want people nesting Hyper-V even through it theoretically works perfectly (VMware has an option to bypass this "protection").
  6. MD5 is insecure and there are many examples of collisions. Please add at least an SHA-1 hash (SHA-256 or higher would be better) to the download page.
  7. I was posting about it as well (the problem with my profile picture, https links are for some reason blocked or just not embedded) but it has nothing to do with the biggest problem, images are displayed directly/not cached.
  8. HTTPS doesn't allow embedded http links. A website can disable/prevent getting embedded as an iframe but it has nothing to do with http/https.
  9. Currently the forum software just embeds the profile picture and embedded images in posts. This is a security risk for multiple reasons. 1. The linked website could use this to exploit security bugs in outdated browsers. 2. It is possible to see the IP address of every user who loads the picture (i didn't test this but the browser accesses the image on the original website). 3. The images are (if the link doesn't use https) served over http. By the way, i got an error because my profile picture was served over http, i changed the link to https and when i logged in today i n
  10. Passthrough: Very unlikely. Virtual GPU (CPU/VNC): Should be possible. The GPU passthrough support is only a problem because almost no PCI-E GPU supports ARM, passing through other devices (something like a GPIO board) could work.
  11. Do you really think anyone here wants to buy a "Steam Mop Floor Cleaner"? You are wasting bandwidth my friend.
  12. Passthrough: Very unlikely. Virtual GPU (CPU/VNC): Should be possible.
  13. I made a video a few months ago when I made the osx vm tutorials but i didn't link it in the forums Very useful tutorial if you want to break less laws but please include an sha1 checksum so we can check if the script file has been manipulated or corrupted (mega got bought by some chinese company). IMO it is a lot easier to just use use the related search result. At the end of the day apple most likely doesn't care where you got the key.
  14. We NEED a good tutorial how to get the OSK key. It took me a few hours to find out how to get it since all the tutorials don't work, Pro Tip: Google "apple osk key" and look in the related searches, it should be the 7th result (it is just a small joke/copyright message by apple, not an actual key).