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  1. I don't know why, I didn't change anything in my path either on Sonarr or Deluge, but Sonarr cannot import files anymore, at first I thought it was something with deluge, but once I look at Sonarr, it keeps saying it can't import files, can't edit the library, can't actually do anything with any file because "Access to the path '/tv/TVSHOW/Show Name' is denied. So I can't add new shows because it can't import files. I tried editing some shows, it also can't access the /tv/TVSHOW/ folder or any subfolder. How do I fix this? I don't want to mess with file permission and end up making it even worse. Sould I give permission to whatever user runs docker on my Server? Should I give permission from inside sonarr container terminal? I found out Sonarr is run by user 'abc' from inside the container. UPDATE: just checked and the -v parameter has the rw flag (-v '/mnt/user/MediaCenter/':'/tv':'rw'), I am still getting the "Couldn't import episode /folder/tvshow/episode-file.mkv: Access to the path '/tv/TVSHOW/Show Name' is denied." PS: 'Show Name' in the path is fictional, it can't work with any show.
  2. I have that version installed. I'm having some problems with BTN's API, but I'm 95% sure it's not related to the the latest release or actually Sonarr itself, probably my Internet. Other than that, it's working like it should. Also, I don't recommend changing your release to go into development (nightly). There's why: https://wiki.servarr.com/sonarr/faq#how-do-i-update-sonarr
  3. What's going on here? I have physical 16GB DDR4. What are those 256GB on the memory? It isn't cache (256GB M.2 SSD), because it's barely being used. How do I read this? What is unraid considering as memory?
  4. I am having the same problem, but no error messages, just that blue "10 mouse buttons" system messages. How did you changed the version? Here's my log:
  5. It doesn't show, but binhax has rutorrent, autodl, rss and whatnot.
  6. Thank you! It worked in bridge mode, so the fixed IP was the problem indeed. There's an alert in the status bar saying "6881: Port is closed". Now.... Can you point me to a direction where I can find info on how to set it to a different subnet? Or all I have to do is create a subnet in unRAID and set it to any IP withing that subnet range? Do I need to add anything to my router? My unRAID server is connected to two networks, can that be a problem?
  7. Thank you! Well, I checked LAN_NETWORK and it's set correctly:, like the calculator suggested. I actually fixed the IP to I didn't touch the NAME_SERVERS option.
  8. To all the intelligent and savvy people here: please help!? Hid the log in this previous post. I don't know, looks like it's up and running alright, but I can't access the webui
  9. I've changed some sensitive information, hope all of them (let me know, please) but I can't access the web interface. Docker is up and running, but I can't access the webui.
  10. unRAID 6.9.2. Can't find the plugin... There's this option in unRAID System Devices. is it the same thing? This warning is appeariong for me:
  11. Yes, it's not like 20GB is too much, but my cache is always being filled so fast. It's probably Deluge, since I'm re-downloading a lot of stuff. I'll see how it's going to behave once all the torrenting slows down, but I think I'll have to squeeze a few GB wherever I can if this trend continues. I have a 250GB m.2 drive as cache.
  12. Label: none uuid: 47d2ad00-2f07-4eeb-a68f-448568ed8f73 Total devices 1 FS bytes used 3.97GiB devid 1 size 20.00GiB used 5.52GiB path /dev/loop2 I guess I could shrink a lot. Can I do this through Settings/Docker already or do I still have only those two options, Terminal or deleting and reinstalling apps?
  13. So it's like buffering stuff to the cache so things can work a little faster, if cache have space available? Yes, I see your point. I just have to figure out some stuff first. Like... I mistakenly created one big ass sharing for everything and tried to organize everything inside, so... Lesson learned. I need now to create as many shares as I need, for all the different (not that many) types of applications I'll run on my server. I think I kinda got the grip. So I had plex, torrent, vms and all sorts of things, the cache was being consumed super fast, it was set to move hourly and I was still getting full cache warnings. Insane. I've been away from unRaid for a while, I'm still remembering stuff. I used for a few years and it worked just fine before. Just catching up.
  14. Alright, this thread is old, but now that I read it, I'm starting to rethink how I'm using cache. Is it really like a one way direction? No, right? Cache-yes will work like a buffer for everything being added to the drives? Like first it cache, than it sends to the array, and never the other way, from array to cache? Cache-prefer will send data in both ways, right? From array to cache, from cache to array. Also, I came here looking for another thing, I wanted to create a share to access my cache drive. Is it possible? And, to be honest, should I use cache? I think I'd rather just use the flash m.2 SATA as a disk and benefit its speeds on applications, like MySQL. Basically, I have a media server that very rarely is used for some data processing, hence the MySQL installed. So, most of the time it's running a Windows VM, a Linux VM and dockers for deluge, plex, sonarr and radarr. I don't need flash speed for that, except maybe for my downloads, my intern is 240 down/20 up. I have 6x 3TB WD Red NAS and a M.2 256GB SATA drive. 16GB of RAM running on a 2600X soon to be replaced by a 2700X.