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  1. Thank you for making this clear. I was poking trough the files to trace the issue and compare both containers. So I will install the onlyoffice container in this case.
  2. I'm not so sure about this. I've installed the official docker using the latest tag and onlyoffice works out of the box on that one.
  3. FOUND THE SOLUTION for 504 error In the letsencrypt config for nextcloud you need to add location / { ........ proxy_read_timeout 3600; ........ } I have 3600 for testing purposes. You have to adjust that as you need. By default is 60 somwhere in nginx backend and thats why you get the 504 error after 1 min.
  4. If you are using Mariadb that means you have a different docker cntainer for that. You have to migrate that one aswell.
  5. In your nextcloud config folder, usually /mnt/user/appdata/nextcloud/nginx/site-confs/ should be a file named default Edit that file.
  6. du command goes across filesystem for sure I've tried this one too and mine returns a 74G /var/lib/docker/btrfs, my docker image having 40G. However if I insert -x argument it returns 0 for that volume. I'm sure it calculates some volume mappings or something. So usually I use root@Tower:~# docker system df TYPE TOTAL ACTIVE SIZE RECLAIMABLE Images 28 28 11.57GB 784.9MB (6%) Containers 28 16 1.744GB 372.3MB (21%) Local Volumes 11 1 39.68MB 0B (0%) Build Cache 0 0 0B 0B or root@Tower:~# df -h | grep /dev/loop2 /dev/loop2 40G 15G 25G 38% /var/lib/docker
  7. I quit troubleshooting this error a few weeks ago but now you got me interested again. I already tried this but here is where I'm stuck now. If I access my nexcloud instance locally by IP address it works fine. If I access it vie letsencrypt reverse proxy I still get the 504 error on large files. So now I will try to defeat letsencrypt config in this regard and I'll come back if I win. Please let me know if you are using letsencrypt and it works for you. Thank You.
  8. Yes that is it and also I think there is one more called overwritehost You close a comment section with */ I don't think it works with that \ in there.
  9. You need to edit config.php and comment the redirect part in order to access it via IP address. After you're done troubleshooting you uncomment the redirect and that's it.
  10. Hi, Maybe I don't understand how snapshots work. I understand you need QEMU Guest Agent in order to be able to create snapshots. So I tried with a Windows 10 VM and it creates a snap file but also create a full vdisk copy in backup directory. Every backup it creates another full disk image. Is that how it works or I'm doing it wrong. I tought that a snapshot saves just the data that's different from the latest vdisk.
  11. For now that's the only backup I have but it's set weekly and it stops the containers to do it. I will consider BTRFS snapshots in the future but I have to do some research about it, as for now I'm not familiar with that.
  12. If you use letsencrypt as your reverse proxy you should look at that nginex config not nextvloud. I do not remeber editing any nginx fi;e in nextcloud docker. I've only edited /mnt/user/appdata/nextcloud/www/nextcloud/config/config.php and /mnt/user/appdata/letsencrypt/nginx/site-confs/default If you think you need to have a look at my files I can post them in a few hours.
  13. Be sure to run latest stable version of Nextcloud to get an A+. For now it's 16.0.5.
  14. Hi, I have a very specific scenario happening with my Nextcloud instance. If I upload a large file using a shared link, my docker image fills up. Only using a shared link. If I upload the same file as a logged in user this does not happen. I tought I might be able to find what directory keeps the temporary data and export it outside of the container but I'm not able to find it. I ran watch du -sh against every directory inside the container with no success. It looks like it doesn't happen there. Any help is apreciated.