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  1. Hi, - HP-Mouse on Server 2 VM's must be reconnect after boot everytimes - Unbalance on all 3 Server will not start. ..downgrade to 6.7.3 rc4 The Server are : 1. AMD Threadripper 1920X / MB: X399 Taichi 2. Xeon 1245 v5 / MB: ASUS P10S-WS 3. AMD C-60 / MB: ASUS C60M1-I
  2. Hi, is there an actually bzimage-tr kernel with function for passthrough with Threadripper? My conf: -X399 Taichi -1920x -nv960 gaming (msi)
  3. Hello Lads, now I'm setup, after an funktionable Intel Xeon Skylake + Asus P10S-WS+ GTX960 System + 2 PCIe Digitus , a AMD 1920X + Taichi X399 + GTX960 + 1 PCIe Digitus System to become Passthrought-Function. But, there are some errors like: Some Tips for this problem?
  4. Hey, this MB it's an ASUS C60M1-i and comes with Onboard Radeon HD 6290 Graphics. I had testet the Resolution with a Backup of Version 6.5.1rc2. Resolution looks fine , see Picture:
  5. the Web-Interface - now it's 640x400 or so - see the picture How can I change it?
  6. VMS: Mmmhh.. Sound-Card DropDownField hidden after "None" set....?
  7. Hmmmm....,no complete download possible (with 2 Servers). Very slow at first then hangs at 1%, 5%, or 6 i.e. App or plugin download makes not problems. Strange...
  8. Hi lads, here is now the diag-file, but I can't find conspicuous....
  9. Hi lads, I use the 6.3 rc5 version. I missing all icon from the vm tab. Also i can't create a new libvirt. the files of the vm's are existing. If i gone back to a previous version the complete vm tab is missing - so that i have the rc5 version again but an empty tab witout icons . mmmmh... what can be done? How can I rebuilt the icons?
  10. Hi lads, i missed the symbols and my virtual machines in the vm tab..? the VM tab is empty, but the vm file are existing too. i use the 6.3 rc5 version I have experimented with the libvirt......mmmhhh Can anybody help me
  11. Hi lad, i say this is a bug! why? in rc3 sound is passttrough and in later releases not! What is the problem it has had functioned!!!!!!
  12. I use the 6.2 rc3 and audio is passtru(!). think audio o.b. is a feature not a bug.
  13. Hi lads, No Fix no ? I hope..? Win10 and Win7 passtrough need this. 5x winserv with ora and sql and xchg it does not matter. 31° ? ---> ? Cheers
  14. Hi lads, yeah the problem are the sound cards. to disable the onboard is no option because the (2nd) nvida has no function , i will not the nvidia!!! sorry , but malfunction on kvm is a no go area for the professional area,