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  1. What is to proper way to update the timezone varible if I am trying to make is US Pacific Time?
  2. I have done what was suggested but still getting " Docker Service Failed to Start" . I have attached a new Log this should show from when I turned on my server to when I disabled docker service and deleted Image file. I am still seeing the error message in my logs but I don't know what it means Nov 20 07:18:38 Unraid kernel: BTRFS critical (device sdc1): corrupt node: root=7 block=787021824 slot=233, bad key order, current (18446744073709551606 128 28971700224) next (18446744073709551606 128 20387368960)
  3. Can I delete my docker image through SMB on my window computer or am I going to run into permission issues? Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  4. Here is the Diagnostic file. sorry for the delay.
  5. My Emby docker stopped working in the middle of me using is so I turned it off and tried to restart but I go an "Error 403", So I proceeded to safely shut down my server and reboot. Once it was back online all my dockers were gone for the main screen and under dockers I got a message "Docker Services Failed to Start". Looking at my logs I keep seeing "Unraid kernel: BTRFS critical (device sde1): corrupt node: root=7 block=787021824 slot=233, bad key order, current (18446744073709551606 128 28971700224) next (18446744073709551606 128 20387368960)"
  6. Thank you for your help I am back up and running.
  7. Please confirm if that is correct. I already have CA/Appdata Back running once a week so I should be good there when it comes to restoring my appdata correct. Now I took the server offline and unmounted my cache drive and then remounted it. When I start the array up I get this do I check the format box and format???
  8. Okay, How do I back up Cashe File, Reformat and Restore? Can/should you back up Cashe drive if the file system is corrupt. Sorry for the dumb question but everything I know is from watching YouTube videos.
  9. sorry that was an old one that I had. I don't know what is going on. When I try pull up a docker web UI I get servier error or servier erroe 403. I have tried to delete my dockers but that does not work.
  10. I have been using the same system to 3 years now with no issues. Today I am not able to use any on my dockers. I have tried shut down and restart, restoring most resent app data backup, I tried deleting my dockers but get an execution error. I am at a loss.
  11. @H20_King89 My Have not touched my temples since I set up the docker years ago. I only messed with the version variable this morning as a last resort
  12. Having an issue with my Plex Docker I hope I can get some help with. My symptom is I am unable to reach Plex through the WebUi however I am able to play videos from my Plex Clients both on my network and remote. Here is what I have done myself to resolve it. 1. Shutdown and restarted the docker 2. Force update docker 3. run fix common problem (nothing came up) 4. edited version variable from "latest" to "public" Nothing as worked, I have been running the same docker on my unraid server for a few years now with no issues. I am currently running version 6.5.3 on
  13. I did as well, I hope it is okay for me to post on this thread since we have the same thing.
  14. Does this help or show anything?