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  1. Just had some time on my hands and I checked the system, no smart errors or other warning signs though the errors persist.
  2. Hey guys First up, merry Christmas. I'm currently not in the position to Google around and consider possible solutions to my problem and I'm unsure what the cause of my problems might be anyways. I'm hoping you guys have an answer. I'm getting in and output errors on "md7". I'm thinking it's the caching drive seeing as the recently transfered files always throw errors and I can make it error faster by trying to invoke the mover. (Though the last fact could indicate that the target disk is faulty) Any thoughts, hints or tips would be much apprecia
  3. Replaced it with another 2TB drive and now shows 2TB. Will run more checks on the drive that showed 500GB and add it back in later.
  4. The one from the forum post. It got this video attached to it: Don't see what it would matter seeing as I did it twice and one did succeed.
  5. Hey guys, Bit of an issue... I replaced two 500gb drives with new 2TB WD red drives (which have been thoroughly tested) and the first one went alright. The second one, however, shows up as 500gb usable space instead of 2tb. (picture below) I used the exact same progress for replacing both and I already tried both a reboot and clearing disk statistics. Any ideas why? PS: fdisk lists it as 2TB just fine:
  6. Hey guys, I basically have an array of 10 devices, 3 of which are 500gb drives. I ordered 3 2tb drives and would like to replace the 500gb drives. 1 of the 500gb drives is actively being used and the others pretty much aren't. Any hints/tips on how to replace these efficiently? I know I can pull out a 500gb and let it all rebuild on the 2tb drive but I'd have to do it three times and I'm wondering what other options are available to me
  7. I don't see the correlation between my download share for 1 docker messing up the config files for all dockers tbh. It is however reassuring that the three of you haven't found anything stupid as of yet and that this case is probably something which doesn't happen often. I haven't been able to reproduce the error either. So what I'll do is the following: [*]I'll uninstall all dockers [*]I'll clean appdata by throwing all of it away [*]I'll upgrade the cache drive to a 512gb model and put my download share and my docker image on there. [*]I'll set up the dockers the way I l
  8. I'd need a bigger drive for that The cache drive was added when I replaced my OS ssd in my main pc I'm going to be deleting the docker.img and recreate it on my ssd as soon as this problem has an answer or after the weekend (can do the work on a sunday, cause I'll be adding drives anyways)
  9. Meh, these settings look fine too: diagnostics attached
  10. They should be in separate folders, that is a mistake after trying to get them set up again Will fix this tonight. I will grab a screenshot of the docker settings as soon as I'm home (in about 8 hours), misunderstood you yesternight
  11. Well.... idk what version I came from but I'm on 6.2.4 now: Here's my plex docker config: The old version looked like this: btw, I did not use /mnt/cache and emptied my cache disk with the mover before attempting the update
  12. Hey guys, weird issue right here. I had set up my dockers and all was well for like 200 days. My unraid updated and asked me to restart so I did. After restarting I noticed my transmission queue was empty.. no worries I thought, it's just transmission. But sonarr, couchpotato, plex all of them had been reset... The settings look fine to me, I did notice the ui has completely renewed however. I have my config directories set to /mnt/user/appdata/dockerName, all of the directories are still there but the docker containers refuse to use the old configs. I checked the permi
  13. Upon restarting the container it will override the password I set in the config file. Any ideas?
  14. How would one go about disabling the download quee?
  15. I am not behind a vpn and can ping the domain just fine I uninstalled and reinstalled the application a couple of times now and I'm running version 2016.06.05a gave up on fixing this without using my prior knowledge. app now downloads the file list and then parses it. this worked. closed & resolved