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  1. Struggling with the same thing at the moment. It seems there's a requirement for PDLib to be installed. There's a guide for combining it into the container itself (see here) but I have no idea even where to start implimenting it. Can someone from the LinuxServer team help? This could be a great start for Google Photos replacement 🙂
  2. Hi @SpaceInvaderOne and thanks for your hard work & guide. I've noticed your container is based on MiGoller, but he has released an nVidia compatible one. Can you adopt it to unraid as well? It would be great to be able to utilize NVENC & YOLO 🙂 Thanks
  3. The movie folder exists only on the cache drive, the folder above it (Full) exists on Cache and disks 1,2 & 3, so that's not the cause for this unexpected behavior. Trying to get my head around the settings once more: Mover needs to move the following files from the cache to the array: /mnt/cache/Public/Media/Movies/Full/MovieFolder (2019)/MovieFile.srt /mnt/cache/Public/Media/Movies/Full/MovieFolder (2019)/MovieFile.mkv The "MovieFolder (2019)" does not exist on any array drive, so according to the Split Level help item: Public - Share Media - Level 1 Movies - Level 2 Full - Level 3 So a few questions come to mind: 1. Is my level numbering correct, or is the Share considered Level 1? 2. What is been evaluated first, the Split Level or the Allocation Method? Can it be that the Allocation Method marks a target disk that is not possible due to Split Level limitation? 3. Does mover calculate the size of the folder it needs to move, or is the calculation done per-file? Switched my Split-Level to "top four", and Mover moved the folder to disk #6 (creating the "Movies" and "Full" folders while doing it) so I guess that: 1. Share is considered Level 1 2. Split Level is evaluated first, that's why the Mover didn't move the files to disk #6 with the previous limitations 3. Still unclear about it - if Split Level limited me to the drives already containing the Full folder, why didn't the files move to drive #3 (which has 16.2GB free) instead of drive #1 (with 204MB free)? Will test again some configurations and report back with conclusions
  4. Just did that - no go, same behavior - subtitles are moved to disk #1, mkv stays on cache due to insufficient space.
  5. You mean Mover tries to keep the free space after moving files to disk to 4GB? If so, why doesn't it move the files to disk #6? And why doesn't it move the folder as a whole? why seperate the subtitles from the movie if there isn't enough space for the whole folder to be moved to the array?
  6. Hi folks. I think I'm missing something basic, even though I've been through all the settings time and again. I've got a share set up for all my Public files, including the movies & TV shows, like this: Public |---Media | |---Movies | | |---Full | | | |---MovieFolder | | |---Kids | | | |---MovieFolder | |---TV Shows | | |---Show Name | | | |---Season 01 | | | |---Season 02 | | |---Show Name | | | |---Season 01 | | | |---Season 02 The settings are as follows: And these is the free space on all my drives: Now I have a movie folder on my cache drive (includes an MKV file of 16GB and a subtitles file of 95KB), that whenever Mover is running, moves the subtitles file to Disk #1, and leaves the MKV file on the cache drive due to insufficient space. I expected the Mover to move the whole movie folder to Disk #3 according to the settings above, so what the heck am I missing? Thanks for any help in advance S.G.
  7. I think there's a misconfiguration in this container. The mapping of Appdata should be "/prometheus" on the container side, not "/prometheus-data", otherwise the collected metrics are been written inside the docker image file.
  8. Hi. Thanks for all your great work. Have utilized a K2000 in Plex for transcoding (not a heavyweight, I know) and I'm thinking of repurposing it to other containers. Has anyone tried using an nVidia card in the Shinobi CCTV container? Don't know where to start, but it seems that Shinobi can use the GPU for encoding the recodings and stuff https://shinobi.video/docs/gpu Any help will be appreciated 🙂
  9. Hi. I've had an issue with a warning in Nextcloud security & setup warnings saying "our web server is not properly set up to resolve “/.well-known/webfinger”. Further information can be found in the documentation 12." The solution was to add "rewrite ^/.well-known/webfinger /public.php?service=webfinger last;" to the /appdata/Nextcloud/nginx/site-confs/default file, in accordance with https://github.com/nextcloud/documentation/pull/877/files Personaly I hate changing nginx configuration that came with the docker itself. Is this a change that can be implemented in the container source?
  10. Hi all. I think I've hit the same bug as reported by @phanb and at Just upgraded from a fully functioning 6.6.6 to RC4 to discover my array doesn't start. Everything worked great at 6.6.6. Disabling VT-d did the trick, but I'd like it back if possible. Any chance a patch/fix was missed in this build? Attached the diagnostics... Thanks 🙂 small-diagnostics-20190217-2117.zip
  11. Hi folks. Any help would be appreciated. I'm getting this once in a while. Diagnostics file attached. small-diagnostics-20181106-0735.zip
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. I did create the custom network (as mentioned in _readme) and doing a DNS resolution inside the letsencrypt container returns: root@2610736c55ba:/$ nslookup Transmission Server: Address 1: Name: Transmission Address 1: Transmission.docknet root@2610736c55ba:/$ nslookup transmission Server: Address 1: nslookup: can't resolve 'transmission': Name does not resolve