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  1. Totally fair! Appreciate the reply Lol, if it's client-side only, that certainly makes things easier for me. As for whether it's cheating... I think I'm more annoyed by the camera than I am annoyed by my friends seeing more of the map
  2. Hi @ich777! VRising docker server is running beautifully with vanilla settings. Having said that, some of the players on my server have requested a mod that allows for a less restrictive camera: link Does this VRising docker currently support BepInEx? I remember that some of your other gameserver dockers (like Valheim or 7dtd) have a variable in the template to make sure the BepInEx dependencies are pulled, but I don't want to fiddle too much with something I don't fully understand. Thanks in advance!
  3. If you're doing it, I'm doing it. Thanks for the recommendation, I don't use that plugin much anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. After 35 days of stable uptime, my server finally crashed this morning -- again without anything relevant in the remote syslog. @Hoopster has your machine crashed at any point? Otherwise, does anyone have an ETA for version 6.10 with the kernel patches that would stop this from occurring?
  5. Hi ich777 -- I didn't want to tag you in case that's against forum rules. I spent a day or two trying to get a Source mod gameserver set up with the templates that you had in your repo, but unfortunately none of them seem to work. I thought I could spare you from asking for your help, since a lot of these Source SDK games seem to use the same ```./srcds_run``` script in the root of the serverfiles folder. I even tried getting into the docker console and installing the dependencies with apt-get, but I'm a bit out of my depth at this point, so I thought I'd see if you're willing to take requests? (I tried to fork your Github repo, but then I realized that I wouldn't be able to pull the docker from Github -- it actually comes from Docker Hub, and now I have a newfound appreciation for all the work that goes into maintaining these Community Apps projects!) Would you be willing to add a branch for the Steam game 'No More Room In Hell'? It has its own dedicated server tool, but it doesn't seem to want to cooperate with the Left4Dead2 branch, despite having similar dependencies as L4D2 or HL2. If you need any additional info, I'd be happy to help out as best I can!
  6. Ok, so I loaded the i915 kernel driver using the method from @Hoopster above, and interestingly the 'HPD interrupt storm detected' line in my previous post is absent from the system log. I googled that error and it led to a bunch of bug reports from 2018 for the Linux kernel wherein the X server would freeze after loading the i915 module (sounds familiar). Some examples: I think it's a good sign that this error has not appeared in my logs thus far. I hope that I get at least 16 days of stable uptime too!
  7. I've had two crashes -- about one per week -- since 12/27. Admittedly, despite my previous post where I had mentioned I could make do with software transcoding, I had pretty quickly re-enabled hardware transcoding after hitting a limit with my patience while watching a 4K HDR movie on Plex, and forgot to disable it when I was done. I am going to try uninstalling the Intel GPU Top & GPU Statistics plugins as well to see if that changes things. I didn't realize that they automatically configure the i915 kernel driver when they're installed. I suppose I'll have to reboot and reconfigure my Plex docker to reconfigure the kernel driver/module. Where would I create this file if I were to create this file the same way? Lastly, after my most recent crash, I did see one odd line in my logs when the system came back online, something i915/GPU-related that I hadn't noticed before: Jan 9 23:38:15 Lighthouse kernel: i915 0000:00:02.0: [drm] HPD interrupt storm detected on connector HDMI-A-1: switching from hotplug detection to polling The only thing I could think of to try and remedy this was to connect a HDMI dummy device to the motherboard. I had an old HDMI-to-VGA converter lying around, so I connected that as well to see if that might have any effect. Still wish we had answers to this puzzle!
  8. I have been using Unraid since 6.1.8, and I believe I've been experiencing a similar issue with 6.9.2 This year in June I upgraded my motherboard & CPU (built in 2015: Asrock H97 Pro4S, Xeon E3-1231v3 24GB 1600 ram, upgraded this year to: Asrock Z170S, i5-7600k, 16GB 3200 ram) and I had upgraded specifically for the Intel QuickSync hardware transcoding. On the Xeon hardware, the server was perfectly stable, but it was at its limit in terms of software transcoding, hence the upgrade. After the upgrade, I started noticing frequent crashes occurring more & more frequently -- at first once per month, then once per week, and now every few days. I thought I had successfully troubleshooted (troubleshot?) the issue when I noticed the NTP server was causing a kernel panic. I found this after I set up a syslog server on a raspberry pi I had lying around. Unfortunately, even after disabling NTP entirely, the crashes persisted, but now there was no trace of any issues in the syslog. My raspberry pi is also a pihole, so I am able to see when the DNS requests cease, and that the server crashes most frequently in the early hours of the morning, but beyond that I'm stumped. This morning, I found the threads posted by @Tristankin, and rather than downgrade back to 6.8.3, I decided to experiment by commenting out the # modprobe i915 line in my go file. I'm hoping that the server continues to function, and I think I'll be able to make do with software transcoding for the time being, but I would like very much for this issue to be resolved. Happy to provide any details as necessary.
  9. Some friends of mine from the west coast (US) weren't able to see my server in the Valheim serverlist, but they could connect through the Steam server browser via IP address. I made the new account and put the credentials in the template to test whether they would be able to join the game in the 'Friends' tab, but they still couldn't see the server. I'm a little concerned about removing the credentials now, since I'm not sure the server would run correctly if I removed them from the template. It took a few tries of replacing the files from the backup and restarting the server; there were several restarts without credentials that still wiped the world and appended '.old' to the .db and .fwl server files. I figured you had force_install_dir built into a container startup script, but I was too dumb and lazy to learn how to mess around with any of that, and I trust you implicitly. Either way, you're obviously welcome to join my Valheim server and I may even invite you to my wedding.
  10. Lol, lucky! Happy I could help. I still donated to ich777 because he's clearly some kind of a nerd god walking among nerd mortals.
  11. Hey everyone, This morning I was also having a problem with an 'Incompatible version' of client & server for a Valheim world I'm hosting for some friends. I opened a shell for the docker, navigated to the /serverdata/steamcmd/ folder, and executed the ./ script to troubleshoot. I had made a new Steam account just for dedicated servers, and set validate to 'true' in the docker setup. When I tried to update the Valheim server with the steamcmd command app_update 896660 it gave me some kind of error about not having the 'rights to the software' or something (this was a few hours ago, can't really remember). Still using steamcmd, I logged in as anonymous login anonymous and ran the app_update command again, and the server software updated to the proper version. Then I removed the account info from the docker tab in Unraid. I wasn't sure if ich777 had force_install_dir set to the default location or not, and I didn't want to mess up any of his scripts, so I left that alone. I restarted the docker, and my world had been erased. It was clearly the same world 'seed', as the landscape was identical and I still had the map info in my game client, but all the structures my friends and I made had vanished. I expanded a backup with tar -xzvf from 4am this morning (thanks again for implementing this, ich777), and pasted the contents into the /mnt/user/appdata/valheim/.config/unity3d/IronGate/Valheim/ folder, and after a restart, my server worked again. I hope this is helpful for anyone else who can't get their server to update. Seems that steamcmd doesn't like certain accounts to update this software.
  12. I'm having issues connecting to delugevpn webgui. I updated yesterday morning as others had and I'm not able to access from the web with PIA enabled. I tried the update pushed last night and I'm still unable to connect. Is there another update down the pipe coming along? The error in the logs was related to auth-user-pass in [CMD-LINE] I've verified that I entered the correct PIA user name and password. Any leads on fixing this or am I alone?
  13. @bjp999 can you link me to anything specific? I'm not sure I know where to look for the videos you mentioned. @saarg my windows10 vm is virtually flawless (that was a pun) and I don't have any significant problems with it. I am primarily interested in your experience using the RX 480 in a Ubuntu vm. Please let me know how things work out for you! I have been able to boot and update Ubuntu 16.04.02, but the AMDGPU-PRO install script crashes the VM. Kubuntu 17.04 is stable with the open source AMDGPU driver, and some restart commands work just fine, such as sudo shutdown -r now but shutting down a vm via KDE or xfce launcher menu will hang the shutdown process and the *ubuntu logo will flash on my monitor with no options for input. I am fairly certain I have found the issue, but I cannot find a solution. Weird, right?
  14. Hi everyone, I have been using unRAID since 6.1.8, and I truly adore it. Currently I am running 6.3.5 and I have been using a Windows 10 VM as a daily desktop, and it's been marvelous -- with the exception of having to use Windows as a desktop OS. As I learn more Linux commands and as I learn about more FOSS projects, I am interested in getting my hardware working with an OS that is a bit more reliable and less riddled with spyware. However, when I have built different VMs with versions of Ubuntu, I find that I have the same problem with my RX 480: When I start the shutdown process in a *nix VM, the Ubuntu/Kubuntu logo hangs on the screen and I am forced to destroy the VM instance. After force-stopping the VM, my GPU becomes unavailable, and QEMU spits out an error about the PCI device being stuck in a D3 power state. The only thing that works at this point is a full system restart. As I was testing an install of Antergos, I found this related post on the Arch forums. related passage: "When the VM shuts down, all devices used by the guest are deinitialized by its OS in preparation for shutdown. In this state, those devices are no longer functional and must then be power-cycled before they can resume normal operation. Linux can handle this power-cycling on its own, but when a device has no known reset methods, it remains in this disabled state and becomes unavailable. Since Libvirt and Qemu both expect all host PCI devices to be ready to reattach to the host before completely stopping the VM, when encountering a device that won't reset, they will hang in a "Shutting down" state where they will not be able to be restarted until the host system has been rebooted. It is therefore recommended to only pass through PCI devices which the kernel is able to reset, as evidenced by the presence of a reset file in the PCI device sysfs node, such as /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:1a.0/reset. " My question: Is there a simple solution to this problem? or will I be forced to patch the unRAID kernel to reset my GPU?