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  1. I have a Windows 7 VM in unraid that I would like to use in an Synology NAS (DS1819+). Is there a way to convert the UNRAID VM to Synology VM? Any help in getting it converted and running on the Synology NAS is appreciated. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, but I am not sure I get how this works. i'm a bit slow So are you saying you create a new user share called "cacheShare"? Where are you creating this smb config? I have Disk Shares enabled. Should I turn that off?
  3. Background: I have me cache drive as RAID 0 for max speed. I want to make sure the content is being copied onto the array as quickly as possible as a backup, in case the one of the cache drive fails. Any ideas on how I could achieve this? Is there already a plugin that could help? Basically make sure that any new or updated files get copied over every 5 seconds (or X time). If there is a different approach to my setup that gets the same result, I'm all ears.
  4. Hey, any chance you can do this "custom smb config that targets /mnt/cache directly" thingy? Thanks
  5. Finally figured this one out. Because I modified the file after reading it. So that makes sense. The problem is because it has the name "creation/modified" it sounds counter intuitive.
  6. I have my UnRaid on reverse time 😋... actually was wondering about that myself. Strange, just launched the console from the Unraid menu, typed "stat" and it worked.
  7. I tried "stat" and it works. Could that be used?
  8. @hugenbdd, great running start! Installed. I would like to ask for an additional feature/field: - Move files off cache based on age of the last time the file was accessed. My use case is based on the fact that I have a lot of old files that are commonly used. Thanks for your consideration.
  9. Cool build, but I'm curious why you went with so many cores?
  10. @SpaceInvaderOne Followed your XML and it works, but... from xp ( I can see the whole network and the internet from Unraid server ( I can see xp and everything else BUT from a Windows 10 VM ( I CANNOT see xp. I check the routing table, but it looks ok, any thoughts? Routing Table Protocol Route Gateway Metric IPv4 default via br0 213 IPv4 docker
  11. After doing setting to YES now I have a working TimeMachine working Disk Share. Thanks for your help. How do I mark this as solved?
  12. Ooops, typo. Meant to say the new disk is being cleared. The reason I need a Disk Share is because I want to use the Disk as a Time Machine backup drive (as per https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/61115-apple-time-machine-and-unraid-6x-updated-setup-instructions-for-macos-high-sierra/). Not saying you are wrong, but your statement regarding "Auto" setting seems to contradict the help in the Setting page... pasted below... But I'll take your advice and set it to Yes, just in case. ----------------------------- Enable disk shares: NoYesAuto
  13. So for some reason I cant find a instructions on how to create d "Disk Share". I just added a new disk to the array, and it is not being cleared. Is there something I need to do to make this a Disk Share instead of a User Share? My Global Share settings->Enable disk shares: is set to Auto. Thanks