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  1. yeah, i already read that ... but if i add the command something very strange happens ... the server is in S3 -> i send a WOL or press the button -> the server comes back so life, the disks spin up -> on the webinterface, the array is shown as stopped, but the button says "Stop" not "Start", the array is ready for edit (i could reassign disks etc, so i think its stopped), and then, some seconds later, the server shuts down, and that all on its alone, i did nothing after wake up the system
  2. had 48G DDR4. but i switched my motherboard, now i only have 8GB DDR3
  3. hi, i have a problem with "S3 Sleep" plugin. Sleep itself works fine, but when the disks are spun down, and my server goes to sleep and wakes up again, the disks begin to rotate (spin up) but are shown as in standby (spun down) ... so they never really spin down. how can i avoid that behavior?
  4. Hello, i would like to monitor the sensors on my board in unRAID. Unfortunately it needs a kernel module ... could you add it to future releases? Doc: ftp://ftp.ts.fujitsu.com/pub/.../pub/Mainboard-OEM-Sales/Services/Software&Tools/Linux_SystemMonitoring&Watchdog&GPIO/Fujitsu_mainboards-1-Sensors_HowTo-en-US.pdf Driver: ftp://ftp.ts.fujitsu.com/pub/.../pub/Mainboard-OEM-Sales/Services/Software&Tools/Linux_SystemMonitoring&Watchdog&GPIO/ftsteutates-module_20160601.zip or it there a how-to create my own kernel modules? i found one for older unRAID versions.
  5. i set up a MusicBrainz Docker without any pain, now i'm asking myself how to update the Dockers Database ... a sync to the MusicBrainzs Servers Database. Whats Commands in which order do i have to run inside the docker?
  6. i dont like my power cableing ... i already ordered new cables from beQuiet for direct connection
  7. ok, i got it ... ist drive 29 in a dual cache (raid1) and dual parity configuration (cannot speak for others)
  8. Hello, i set up my new unRAID rig and now i want to enable S3 Sleep. It works fine already, except the disks shown as spun-down after waking up from S3 even they are rotating. It seems to be a little bug in the unRAID routine/webinterface. Now i have to tell the unRAID OS that the drives are spinning. On the other thread i found a command for disknum in 0 `ls /dev/md* | sed "sX/dev/mdXX"`; do /root/mdcmd spinup $disknum; done which does that very well (i run it after wake up from S3) ... except parity2. mdcmd spinup 0 <<-- spins up parity mdcmd spinup 1 <<-- spins up data disk 1 etc but what spins up parity2 and cache?
  9. Hi there, i'm new to unRAID and did my first buid. I'm from Germany btw, so English is not my primary language. My old server was a plain Ubuntu Server NAS with ZFS, but it did not like the drives spinning all the time. So i switched My unRAID license is still on trial, i'll buy it later this month - here are my hardware specs: CPU: Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1225 v5 (8M Cache, 3.30 GHz) Board: FUJITSU Mainboard D3446-S ATX (C236 Express Chipset) RAM: 16GB (2x Micron DIMM 8GB, DDR4-2400, CL17-17-17) Controller: LSI 9211-8i (it's a flashed IBM ServeRAID M1015, PCIe 2.0 x8) PSU: be quiet! Straight Power E9-CM 480W ATX 2.4 (80 PLUS Gold certified) OS: ADATA DashDrive UV131 16GB, USB 3.0 Case: Fractal Design Define XL USB 3.0 black, noise-insulated Parity: 3TB DualParity (3TB (DT01ABA300) + 3TB (HDS5C3030BLE630)) Data: 18TB (3x 3TB (DT01ABA300) + 3x 3TB (HDS5C3030BLE630)) Cache: 300GB RAID1 (1x SSDSA2CW300G3 + 1x SSDSC2BB300G4) SW: unRAID 6.2.1 (Lime Technology) Docker: Plex Media Server (linuxserver.io) Power: Idle with disk spun-down 40W, Data Load while parity creation 70W, peak idk Parity Check Duration/Speed: 7 hours, 7 minutes, 15 seconds. Average speed: 117.1 MB/sec Current ToDos are: UPS for safe shutdown on power loss, enabling standby S3 for more power saving. it's a little bit overpowered for Plex Media Server only at the moment, but maybe i'll use it for more in the future Do you have any recommendations for a small UPS? it sould be enough to shutdown the system, and be 100% compatible with unRAID, and available here in Germany. Second starter question would be: can i keep a copy (second drive) of my unRAID Flashdrive for backup purposes? So if the first fails, i just could swap them and turn on my NAS. Regards
  10. thank you, then everything seems fine everything seems to be RAID1, thats great ... i was searching for that screen for a long time
  11. Hi, at the moment i'm using a 4 Bay NAS with ZFS. I want to switch to unRAID so i can flexible add more and more drives in the future. I want to use the Cache Feature, because without i probably having lower performance compared to my current system. I set up a test configuration, 3 disk, 1 spare, and now i want to add two identical Cache drives in RAID1 mode, so a faulty cache drive cannot lead to data loss. But when i add two drives, only one is formated (see screenshot). What i have to configure so that it uses RAID1? Or is everything alright? but i miss the second cache drive filesystem its unRAID 6.2 RC5