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  1. Well I guess these are going in my gaming rig then just my luck. Thanks anyway.
  2. I did pull out the ssd's they do both have thesame number but its not defined as a serial number on the sticker. So that means I'm SOL?
  3. Tried the drive in my windows pc made a partition it works fine. See picture. Posted the diagnostics file again too.
  4. Its a new drive so it should work but ok I will try it in another system and report back.
  5. Just to be absolutely clear of the problem. Here I should be able to select my second ssd "sdo" but I can't.
  6. Hope it helps
  7. When the array is stopped You can add cache devices I can add 1 ssd but the second one is not showing up I would post a screenshot but I can't stop the array right now cause of parity check. I started a new config but that also didn't fix it.
  8. Already tried swapping cables around no difference. It looks like it just doesn't want to mount. no idea why.
  9. I'm trying to upgrade my single 250 ssd cache to dual 500GB. The problem is I can only add one of the 2 drives to the array "sdn". The other one "sdo" I can see in the terminal using fdisk -l "see attachment". But its not showing up in the webui. Any idea what could be causing that?
  10. Nevermind I had to connect from outside the lan to prompt me to install the client. Now I can connect but I have another problem because I had to change it to bridged to work my ip is now not in my lan range. How do you fix that?
  11. I have setup this with spaceinvaders video and some other tips but I can't figure out how to download the premade openvpn connect client. It should appear when you login to the webui but I can't find it in 2.7.4
  12. Its fixed after I rebooted my server I tried again and now get the correct screen. Still no idea why .
  13. I'm sorry thats what I did multiple times. I got that despirate I even deleted my docker.img to no avail. I never get the initial setup screen It always asks me to login.
  14. I did do that but It still remembers it somehow.