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  1. Sharkoon T9 case picked up on ebay for less than £30 a couple of years ago. Only recently got around to finishing it off with the Icydock 5in3. In hindsight I wish I'd used these in the first place as they don't stick out anywhere near as far as the Supermicros. Looks a bit of a mutt but with bigger hard drives it has currently replaced 3 smaller builds (Fractal Design Array R2 mini, Node 304 and Arc Mini R2) and will also replace a Fractal Designs R3 backups build soon. After years of fiddly drive swaps in cramped cases I'm in front loading heaven.
  2. I made the mistake of getting a standard ATX board to use a couple of these cages in a Sharkoon T9 case. As you say, there is an overlap of the cage fans over the end of the motherboard. Made sure I got a much narrower one but it had to be mATX which is no problem (MSI A32M-A PRO Max). It fits and that was all that I was concerned about. Looking for a third one now. They work great and are super quiet with replacement Nanoxia fans. Never tried them with the original ones.