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  1. Alright! Just edited the "my.service.xml" and it worked! Thanks @denishay!
  2. Hey guys, i was wondering if this upload speed is normal? Can't seem to get higher than 4Mbps :\ It's not saturating my currently upload speed tho
  3. Yeah, same! I realized the same thing too after i updated to 6.3.3 and same goes to 6.3.4, the server will barely last 3 days and it will unexpectedly shutdown and restart with a parity check. Didn't have this issue before this and it can run up to two months without restarting. Will be installing this and monitor the situation and will post my logs when it happens again. As of now there's nothing much in my logs as errors before the shutdown are not captured. Will wait for the next crash and update here!
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone know how can I diagnose this issue? (eg. getting logs before the unexpected shutdown). Lately, its been happening and I've changed my PSU too. Unraid only logs the moment the server restarts and nothing before that was saved :\ Thanks!
  5. Hi, Is there a way I could use pipework with this? Tried using "-e 'pipework_cmd=br0 @CONTAINER_NAME@'" and turning Network Type to None but its not working