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  1. tt-rss Startup failed I'm trying to run tt-rss, but when I access the WebUI I get an error message that the "base database schema is missing." Can anyone help? Thanks.
  2. After I upgraded to unRAID 6.9, I noticed "a few" additional entries were added to the Routing Table. The "Network protocol" under Settings:Network Settings is set to "IPv4 Only". Are all the IPv6 routing table entries in the routing table shown below supposed to be there? They were not there before I upgraded to 6.9. Should I delete all or some of them, or not? Thanks.
  3. For anyone interested, you can prevent DNS leaks when running Firefox through Privoxy by also enabling SOCKS5. Instructions for setting this up with Mullvad can be found here.
  4. Thanks. It makes sense now, but I had never noticed this behavior before. Thanks for all the great work you do.
  5. After updating the binhex-delugevpn container this morning, and even now that I'm on the latest version, the container log shows that Privoxy continuously starts, stops, and restarts. Has anyone else seen this issue? A copy of the log output is attached. Deluge and other containers routed through it work, and devices using Privoxy, as an http proxy on port 8118, also work, but I am experiencing DNS leaks in Firefox (using Mullvad Wireguard VPN in the DelugeVPN container). If I set Firefox to use Deluge as a proxy and then run DNS leak tests, my LAN DNS server (PiHole using an Unbound resolver) is leaking. Are either of these known issues? I wasn't experiencing this behavior prior to the latest container updates. Thanks.
  6. I've got an ASRock - H170M-ITX/DL, but I'll try this first anyway. I wonder if its an ASRock BIOS issue? I first noticed the problem when I applied the patch to fix the Intel Management Engine vulnerability.
  7. Thanks for the head up. I'll give it a try on my system to see if it fixes the issue.
  8. I have this problem, but I was able to work around it by booting into the web gui. If I select the option to boot into the web gui, the server starts fine. If I try to boot into the command line, the server locks up at /bzroot...ok Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks much. I changed the default, so I don't have to walk down to the basement every time I reboot, but not knowing why this is happening is going to drive me nuts! Thanks again.
  10. I have an unRAID server using an Asrock H170M-ITX/DL and an i5-6500. I have flashed to the latest bios and the server was working fine, up until a week or two ago. The problem I'm having is that if I try to boot to the command line (no-gui), the server locks up at "Loading /bzroot...ok". If, on the other hand, I select "unRAID OS GUI Mode", the server boots up fine and works without any problems. I haven't been able to find this problem, or any solutions, on the forums, but from what I read about similar issues discussed by others, it may be that the /bzroot, or some other file that loads immediately after, may be corrupt. Has anyone come across a similar problem? Does anyone have any suggestions? Can I download the latest version of unRAID and copy the bzroot file on to my USB flash drive, or will that break my server? I have a backup of my flash drive, but I made it after this problem first came up, so I don't know whether reverting to the backup of the flash drive will help. If all else fails, can I get a new USB flash drive, transfer my license over, and recover all the data I have on my parity, data, and cache drives? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I have the same problem. Can you tell me how to boot from the iso? I've attached the Windows 10 install iso, but the vm boots from the HD. Thanks.