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  1. I have just added an 11th disk to my array. It cleared and formatted without issue. I have rebooted the array three times. It appears in the array and the aggregate free space is correct. However, the free space on the share only shows the original 10 disk free space. Also, the share has "All" for disks but does not write to it. Also, the 11th disk does not show for "included" disks. I also attempted to add a new share, but I can't added the 11th disk to the share.
  2. I had the NFS issue too. My SMB and NFS shares disappeared after 4 days. I had friends over to watch a movie and quickly rebooted and did not save logs. Rolled back to 6.5.3
  3. Congratulations on the outstanding release. This one might be as legendary as 4.7.
  4. I do not lurk much, but the first course of action always seems to be move off RFS. It's obviously a difficult problem, but seems to be far more common on RFS n'est pas?
  5. I had this EXACT issue and failed to find the root cause after 30 hours of troubleshooting. My problem pointed to a software issue since it happened to me on completely disparate hardware using the same disks. I built a new machine and mounted the RFS disks on snapraid for a stable mount. It wasn't a big deal since I needed to replace my ancient backup server. The problem vanished after I migrated to new disks (including cache) and formatted as XFS. I emailed Tom with suggestion that RFS be completely removed from support, but he is conv
  6. I would reformat the cache to XFS also. Very interested in your results.
  7. Also notice that you have ReiserFS. I'm surprised that a member has not suggested this as the root cause. I had a 6.2.4 AMD system that would not stay stable beyond 24 hours with ReiserFS. This box had been stable for over 3 years with 5x. It would lock up SMB and would neither restart nor shutdown. I eventually installed Debian on the erstwhile unstable unraid box in order to migrate data to XFS due to its mysterious instability. I emailed LimeTech for help about the problem, but never received a response https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=54452.msg521132
  8. Yep. https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=54731.msg522948 Oom killer invoked - although it probably had to do with cache dirs. As a side note, it appears that your MB variant had one of the highest RMA percentages in 2014: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/2014-motherboard-rma-rate-new-update-from-hardware-fr.207128/
  9. I concur. I have an FM2+ A88X ASrock board (A88M-G/3.1) with an A8-7600 that has been stable since upgrading to 8GB of RAM. This MB looks almost exactly like yours. I run only run one SATA port (cache drive) on MB though.
  10. Found some slower dimms to get to 8GB. Will see how that does. If ~4GB is not enough for my set up of 10 disks with no dockers, I would think the suggest that the wiki be updated n'est pas? https://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php/Designing_an_unRAID_server
  11. Have not tried safe mode. I have turned off all plugins except Dynamix webGui. More memory really means at least 16GB (why go with 8GB if ~4GB is an issue on the absolutely barest system). Also, I would want to run memtest for at least 24 hours on it. It's not the costs at all, but I'm about 60 hours into troubleshooting these two issues and I just want to get a stable system. Again, thanks for you guys taking a look at this!
  12. Thanks John! Did not think about that. However, should just plain unraid with no dockers and just minimal plugins require > 3GB memory? I got away with 2 GB on my old system with more disks...