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  1. unRaid was set as local master and I did have a little Yoda head the entire time. Even had it send alerts if anything failed. Still haven't pinpointed the issue yet, but the hosts file did the trick.
  2. Unplugged from router, gave static IP to host. Added a binding in hosts to the tower and I can now access the shares with the username and password. Will investigate further. Seems to be a dns issue?
  3. Hello all, I'm pretty new to unraid. I've spent the last 4 days researching and testing out my new system for a NAS + Gaming VM setup. I am having issues with private and secured shares on my Windows 10 VM. After exhaustive research, I have tried many things to get it running. So I'll state how I have it set up and what I've tried and hope someone has an answer. Shares: Music, Movies, UserFiles (Private) UserFiles has a user with read/write access and a very simple password (1234) Symptoms: Through file explorer, Windows VM can see and access both Music and Movies, but prompts for password for UserFiles to which it then fails (access denied). username: user, password: 1234 Laptop (W10 as well, same version) prompts for password when accessing \tower and is able to read/write in all directories (including UserFiles) Server2012 VM can access all directories, is prompted for credentials for UserFiles and can access files. Failed Attempts to resolve issue: Restarted both vm and unraid several times Created local user on W10 machine with matching name and password Created samba user with matching user to windows logon and password Cleared credential manager net use * /d (Even though nothing was listed) net use z: //tower/UserFiles \u:username Disabled SMB2 and SMB3 and restarted (and tried the other methods again) Changed workgroup on both ends to an all caps workgroup. Ensured Unraid was master browser Enabled the registry change to allow unauthorized access (can't remember the exact setting atm) Accessed shares with IP address: This actually works fine, but doesn't fix the issue of not being able to connect with hostname. So I can access the private shares using \\\UserFiles but not \\tower\UserFiles Somewhere in my travels I lost the ability to have the shares populate in the network though This lead me to think I am having a DNS issue, but not one I'm familiar with. My router is a brand new Nighthawk R6900 on stock firmware. I would have thought that if it was a DNS issue that the other machines would be having the same problem, but they are not. Anybody have other avenues to try? I am currently at work so I may be slow to respond to attempts. Thanks!