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  1. Hello all, I have been trying to use this docker and it works pretty good in the GUI and i have my own preset created. I am struggling with a few things. The first one being how do i set my preset to be used by the automatic converter? My preset name is Roku Ultra Torrey, i have tried entering just that in in the preset field and then moved a video file to the watch directory and the video file shows in the failed conversions log. Here is a screen shot of my preset in the GUI. My second thing is with the automatic converter, is there a way to watch the progress from the GUI. Thanks in advance
  2. Is it possible to set a region that PIA uses? I use your deluge vpn and it has a variable for vpn remote. But I do not see that option in rtorrent. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Hello fellow users of unRAID, I am experiencing an issue with unRAID and a few containers when importing TV shows or movies into sonarr and radarr respectively. I will start importing a few things into sonarr or radarr and while that works, I will go watch something on Plex, well Plex becomes very slow and will not play, it returns an error that says unable to play media. This continues until the import is complete and sometimes carries on for a few minutes after the import is done. The shares are using the cache and I am using 6.3.2 and am using the linuxserver sonarr and radarr. I am also using the official Plex container. Diagnostics are attached, Any help is greatly appreciated. unmini-diagnostics-20170410-2212.zip
  4. I think I fixed the drive mapping issue, I now however am having a performance issue with sonarr and it importing shows. One thing that I know I did was point the drone factory folder to the same exact folder that is my completed folder. I have read that this can cause major issues, could this be my issue that is literally causing unraid to choke on itself? The message that I am seeing is attached. My permissions in Media management are set to group users and I changed the owner from root to Taylor. Seriously at a loss here.
  5. I will fix Radarr, Is there a way in sonarr to manually have it check that folder to make sure things work correctly? also Saarg, what downloader do you use?
  6. Alright so i have changed the mappings so that they should be set up as you both have stated. The attached image shows that the mapping have been changed. So if i understand what you guys are saying everything should work correctly now? Is there a way for me to tell sonarr to check that folder to test if this is working correctly?
  7. Alright, my apologies i am not understanding, so you are saying that the issue is with the container mappings and not the host path mappings, so if i add a /Complete mapping that points to /mnt/user/Downloads/completed, even though the only thing that is different is the container mapping, which if i understand unraid correctly, should not matter between containers because they are sandboxed away from each other. Thanks
  8. sorry those are old drive mappings, This is what they look like now, i fixed this right after i posted this
  9. Hello All, I am running this docker wit a few file bindings that i have attached below. The first image shows my deluge drive mappings.As you can see i have a drive mapping set up for a completed folder for deluge to put the completed downloads. The second image shows my sonarr drive mappings and the downloads folder points to the same completed folder that deluge is putting completed downloads in. The issue that i am having is that Sonarr is not renaming and moving shows to their correct folders so that plex can see them. I must be missing something simple. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Hello All, I am new to delugevpn and am having a few issues. I am using the label plugin and it will disable itself and therefore cause an error in both radarr and sonarr. I have to go in and reenable the label plugin for radarr and sonarr to work correctly. I am not sure how to go about getting this issue fixed. If it helps i am running the most up to date version of the docker.
  11. Hello everybody, I just built a new machine for unRAID and for unRAID all set up and running and started the process of creating a new windows 10 VM. I got that created and then comes the problem. When I start the VM with my Nvidia GTX 1070 passed through, nothing displays on screen but if I stop the VM and then start it with VNC, everything works fine. The other issue that I am having that I believe to be related to the VM issue, is that when I stop the VM, the unRAID dashboard does not display anymore. The specs of my machine are I7 6800k in an Asus X99-A 2 motherboard with 16gb ram and a EVGA GTX 1070 SC 3.0 GPU and 2 4tb Seagate ironwolfs and a 1tb Samsung 850 Evo SSD. I forgot to mention that the 1070 is being used to boot unRAID as I don't have an igpu on my cpu. Any help is greatly appreciated. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk