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  1. Yes this look like a NAT/routing issue. Do you have a way to override DNS names on your router? If yes, you could try to map your DuckDNS name to your local IP address.
  2. Did you started the backup as a new device? If yes you could try the same thing on onRAID to see if this make the difference.
  3. I also have a something serving on port 443 and don't have the issue. CrashPlan is not using port 443 has an inbound port...
  4. @airfish, in addition to what @Taddeusz, make sure that: The i915 driver is loaded (https://github.com/jlesage/docker-handbrake/blob/master/README.md#unraid-1). /dev/dri is exposed. This is done by editing container's settings and adding a "Device", where the value is "/dev/dri". The second point is what is missing according to the log. I don't know if it's because it's not configured in container's settings or if because the device is not available due to your unsupported cpu...
  5. Correct. SSVNC is a VNC viewer that works, but to my knowledge it's Windows/Linux only. https://github.com/jlesage/docker-makemkv#ssvnc
  6. Humm the container is still not using the default values... How did you performed the re-install?
  7. You port mappings seem incorrect... try to re-install the container with the default settings.
  8. Where are located these files exactly in the container?
  9. So update to the latest Docker image and run the following commands: docker stop CrashPlanPRO mv /mnt/user/appdata/CrashPlanPRO/log /mnt/user/appdata/CrashPlanPRO/log.old docker start CrashPlanPRO Wait a few hours and try to contact the support team again.
  10. Thanks, very useful. I will provide a new image that should hopefully help not being kick out by their support team
  11. These errors are harmless. However, a new release should be done soon, so the fix for this will be included.
  12. Did you tell you which version of Linux you were running? Could you provide the output of the following command: grep -w OS /mnt/user/appdata/CrashPlanPRO/log/app.log /mnt/user/appdata/CrashPlanPRO/log/service.log
  13. I would try to contact CrashPlan support. I think they can assign you to a different server. Just don't tell them your are running CP in a container
  14. This is a known issue. I've been in talk with the developper of MakeMKV but didn't get a solution yet.
  15. Since there is no automatic configuration involved like Traefik, this doesn't apply. Yes. Yes.