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  1. I would try again with a clean appdata folder: Stop the container. Remove /mnt/user/appdata/NginxProxyManager Start the container.
  2. Adding this under the Advanced tab will probably do the trick: location = /{return 301 $scheme://$http_host/airsonic;}
  3. This is now fixed in the latest image.
  4. I reported this issue a few years ago... so looks like no fix has been done yet. I suspect that this happens to files that were present during the scan, but got deleted from the host before being uploaded to the cloud.
  5. Adding location = /{return 301 $scheme://$http_host/ubooquity/;} is only if you reverse proxy ubooquity. This has nothing to do with security report results. SSL settings are not (easily) editable with NPM. Having a nice green report also implies that your site has less compatibility with different devices... So there is no set of settings that will fit everybody needs.
  6. The name of the preset must include the category. So in your case, you should try to set "Devices/Roku Ultra Torrey". Yes, when the automatic video converter is encoding something, a small window will appear in the UI with the progress.
  7. Try with another browser or try to clear the browser cache to see if this helps.
  8. Try to add the following line under the Advanced tab: location = /{return 301 $scheme://$http_host/ubooquity/;}
  9. What is your last issue? Something in the container log?
  10. It's an issue with HandBrake when using the latest Intel Media SDK. See https://github.com/HandBrake/HandBrake/issues/2858 A fix is being reviewed. Once, accepted, I should be able to integrate it in the Docker image.
  11. How do yo identify the files that should not change ? Can you just copy/move the files that can be changed to the Filebot's watch folder?
  12. You probably hit the maximum size that can be handled by the clipboard. Many people are using with success MyJDownloader with the browser's plugin.
  13. No this is not possible. The system has been designed to convert anything you put in the watch folder. I guess you set "Keep Source Files" to 0 (i.e. remove them) ? Instead of ignoring non-video files, you could try to copy them by setting "Non-Video File Action" to "copy" ?
  14. To which location are you restoring ? If you login to the container, can you see the restored files?
  15. You don't need to transfer certs. Nginx Proxy Manager will re-generate them.