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  1. Ok I see. The container is based on Alpine Linux, meaning that the binary you compiled is not compatible. You either need to compile has a static binary or compile it under Alpine Linux.
  2. What is this executable exactly ? Is it a script ? If yes, which shebang it is using (the first line that begins with #!....)?
  3. Did you try to remove and re-install the container ? I know that in the past, there was an issue when changing the network mode, causing the container to not be configured correctly.
  4. In bridge mode, what do you have exactly when you try to connect ?
  5. Maybe a permission issue ? Can you share the output of "docker exec JDownloader2 ls -l /output/extract-xiso" ?
  6. How did you configure the container ? Are you using the default Bridge network mode ?
  7. Looks like a network issue. Can you run the following command to see if the DNS resolution works from the container: docker exec CrashPlanPRO nslookup
  8. It may still worth a try: if you copy a big file to the watch folder, it will take some time. So the watch folder needs to wait for the copy to complete before processing it.
  9. This is not something currently supported. However, could you rip directly to the watch folder ? Is it smart enough to not start the transcoding until file is "stable" ?
  10. Do you see the "[cbbLocalManagement] starting..." message repeating in loop ?
  11. Can you add a feature request at ?
  12. I assume the container image is up-to-date ? You can also try to re-login: double click on the Code42 logo and enter the "deauthorize" command.
  13. Edit the container's configuration, click "Show more settings..." and then you have "Display Width" and "Display Heigh" fields you can set.
  14. If you mean that the UI can resize automatically to your browser's window size, this is not yet possible. However, if you configure the application's width and height to be bigger than your browser's window, then you should have something that can fill all the browser window.