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  1. Oh will this matter for the time being since I'm removing the cache drive?
  2. It's set to 0. My cache is too small to be very useful to me at this point (pretty much outgrown it), so I'm going to work on just removing it for now until I can justify an upgrade.
  3. My cache certainly gets full, though I thought that was normal? It's never caused problems before. I do also have backups from the last time our world experienced this issue, if that's what you wanted.
  4. Uploaded my backup files if that helps you at all:
  5. If you find anything out let me know, thanks for all your fine work!
  6. Actually no, it's before the restart. The restart was at 6:00AM, but the backup from 5:00AM also has the ".new" file in it. Also, there seems to be a gap in backups from 9:50PM to 5:00AM. Funnily enough, 9:50PM is the last usable backup of the world. EDIT: We were playing from around 7:00PM to 2:30AM no problem too. It's the changes from 9:50PM (last usable backup) to 2:30AM that were lost.
  7. Yeah, the backups that contain the ".new" file don't work. The ".db" file is old data, from a previous save. It's like at some point it just quits saving to the ".db" file and starts writing to the ".new" file instead, which I've tried to load but is unusable. It's a very odd bug.
  8. It restarts due to CA auto-update, so I'll disable the auto-update on it for now. Also, it is set to "Preferred".
  9. It restarts every day, and I'm not sure honestly. My cache is pretty small, I haven't messed with it much. Where would I check that?
  10. I'm getting this weird bug where my Valheim world is generating a "" file, and only that is being updated, while the actual world file isn't being saved to. This means even the backups have that problem. We are losing our progress every couple days to this bug.
  11. I used my windows file browser to add a file to the appdata for a docker, so it gave that file the permissions of my user account. Since the docker has the "nobody" permissions, however, it can't access the file I put in. I know I could just chmod it, but I was wondering if there was a way just from my Windows file browser to give it "nobody" owner.
  12. Last question: How do I use an existing world? I dropped in a world with the same name as the one specified in the config file, but it's still generating a new world with the same name and overriding the existing one.
  13. Alright, did as you said and it works like a charm! Thanks again
  14. Ok, interesting. I probably don't understand how some of this works, but if I leave the port as 7777 in the gameconfig, but then set the container port to 7776 in the docker settings, it connects to both just fine!
  15. I created a new container with the host port set to 7776, but I didn't delete the old one because I wanted both servers running.