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  1. If you share your flash drive then its under flash/configs/plugins/rclone or rclone beta/.rclone.conf
  2. Thanks it works.. will let them know
  3. Thanks. Is there a way to stop your plugin from upgrading to the newest rclone on restart? I want to keep a working version until it just doesnt work anymore.
  4. Okay, I downloaded the prebuilt rclone and overwrote the one installed by the plugin, but then had to add --config=/boot/config/plugins/rclone/.rclone.conf to my rclone mount command, and my drives are back now until this gets fixed.
  5. Any easy instructions to downgrade our rclone version on unraid?
  6. So I tried reinstalling the plugin. Nothing.. Even tried reinstalling the regular rclone one, nothing. Same error Failed to create file system for "gdrive:": couldn't find root directory ID: googleapi: Error 404: File not found: QWE12345A..... Tried to refresh the token, didn't work. I also have a secure one that doesn't work, so neither of them work. They worked great right after I initially set them up.
  7. No I haven't tried to reinstall it yet. I have tried restarting the server. I will try to reinstall the rclone-beta tonight and see if that gets me anywhere.
  8. So if I go through and reauthorize my gdrive again, will that break anything? Windows rclone using the same rclone.conf works fine, just the unraid rclone-beta seems to not work anymore
  9. I am having a weird problem. So I have RClone Beta setup on Unraid 6.7.2. It was working great. I went and restarted my machine and when rclone tries to mount the drive I get Failed to create file system for "gdrive:": couldn't find root directory ID: googleapi: Error 404: File not found: I downloaded my Rclone.conf file, and ran it on my windows machine. Everything mounts just fine using the same file. My mount script looks like this: mkdir -p /mnt/disks/gdrive rclone mount --max-read-ahead 1024k --allow-other gdrive: /mnt/disks/gdrive & Under my rclone-beta config I have the following, with secrets and tokens removed [gdrive] type = drive client_id client_secret = SECRET scope = drive.file token = {"access_token":"TOKEN","token_type":"Bearer","refresh_token":"1//SOMETHING","expiry":"2019-10-31T10:12:03.849383085-05:00"} Anyone have any idea?
  10. Started having some issues, and now the Docker won't start. 2018-09-26 20:55:32.985955 [warn] UMASK not defined (via -e UMASK), defaulting to '000' 2018-09-26 20:55:33.044151 [info] Permissions already set for volume mappings 2018-09-26 20:55:33.093698 [info] VPN_ENABLED defined as 'yes' 2018-09-26 20:55:33.154813 [info] OpenVPN config file (ovpn extension) is located at /config/openvpn/France.ovpn dos2unix: converting file /config/openvpn/France.ovpn to Unix format... sed: cannot rename /config/openvpn/sed02LbV7: No space left on device Cache has room, Shares have room. Deleted my docker image and let it recreate, same error.
  11. Moved my problem to this thread since it isnt a plugin problem.
  12. Moved the discussion over to here, will post diagnostics in a few, have been swamped.
  13. I do, I have tried several browsers now, and even tried from the UnRaid GUI. That is not the problem actually. It appears that using the reboot action completely drops my cache drives and they don't even show up in the unassigned devices. I then have to do a power down and a cold start, and then reassign them to the cache. However a power down and then pressing the power button seems to work just fine instead of the reboot.
  14. So when I use reboot to restart my server, my 2 ssds that I have in a BTRFS Cache both disappear, and are not able to be found at all. Stopping the Array, I can't add them back to cache drives. I have to power down the whole server, and start it cold, then they appear as unassigned and I can add them back as cache and restart the Array and everything is fine. If I use power down, and cold boot it, cache drives are there. Any clue? Use to not do this. I am on 6.5.3 Original topic started here, thought it was a plugin issue.
  15. So, restarted my server without this plugin installed. And My cache drives disappeared again. Not sure what is causing this, I will go search elsewhere. Just found where if you use Chrome the cache drives can disappear on restart. Sorry guys, it just correlated perfectly to this plugin install twice.