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  1. I'll happily delete the application and reinstall it since I've not done any configuration, but when I look at installing it, I don't see how to redirect where it installs to. Adding the host paths just adds access to the shares from what I've seen.
  2. So from the sound of it, until the developer reconfigures it to install for Unraid to AppData I'm SOL? I'm basically trying to write over the existing files with a current installation in order to retain a lot of settings
  3. What I mean is the config files that are installed with the Docker container, not paths that are explicitly defined, but the base install files, from what I'm told they are in the Docker IMG file but I don't know how to best get to them or how to set it up so it installs to Appdata instead of inside the docker IMG file if that's where they are. So to answer the other question...No, I have no idea what the path is or even how to find it. That's what I've been asking. I think this would be a lot easier if I could just set up that application to install to AppData instead.
  4. So the path mappings aren't an issue, but that doesn't help my issue which is getting access to the Docker install/config files. Unless I'm missing something here.
  5. I couldn't find anything in Edit settings that shows where its files are located.
  6. I have no idea where anything is stored, this is part of the problem. I don't know if there's something in Docker in Unraid that can show me the mapping because I haven't found anything to direct me anywhere.
  7. Sure, I'm trying to work with this application ( which is not in the App store but is available if the advanced options are enabled. I need to modify some files in the install of it but it installs, like from what you were saying, inside the docker img file.
  8. Hi, I had to manually install an application that was not in the normal App Store. I need to modify some files in the install but I can't seem to find where it's installed since it's not showing up in Appdata. If it's not there, where else can I look to see where it should be installed?
  9. Does anyone know how Favorites work in the program? I prefer to favorite specific pages/chapters rather than full books. I see there's an option to favorite them, however nothing appears in the "Favorites" tab on the left.
  10. I look forward to what comes from it, it badly needs some more updates. It's definitely got potential and I like it more than LANraragi, but it needs to be updated a bit more often.
  11. It's always different ones. It's mapped in Docker and local in Unraid, it's basically in the same Share. The only way I've found for it to work is to open the PDF and "reprint" it as another PDF, that works about 80% of the time. It's very annoying to do it over and over.
  12. I love the program and I've been using it for my document management a lot, however has there been anything to address this error that I get constantly when my Consume directory tries to pull in a PDF? Title.pdf LeptonicaError: [2021-03-17 15:03:07,879] [ERROR] [ocrmypdf._exec.ghostscript] **** Error: stream operator isn't terminated by valid EOL. Output may be incorrect. **** Error: stream operator isn't terminated by valid EOL. Output may be incorrect. It seems to happen about two out of 3 times and is rather annoying.
  13. It was in reference to changing the XML file to remove the passthrough notation, but it doesn't matter as it ended up corrupting my VM and now I have to rebuild it anyway, oh well.
  14. I spoke too soon, I got in, reinstalled some drivers, rebooted and now the VM won't start properly, nothing I do helps so I just have to rebuild it. :(
  15. OK, I fixed it, I was using the passthrough mode for the CPU and I switched it to the emulated version using this and it seems to have fixed the issue for me.