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  1. Apologies for the delay in responding. The upgrading of the 3TB drive to 8TB and consequential data rebuild was delayed, but has now been completed. Many thanks for the various responses, as a newbie to unRAID, they're very much appreciated and hopefully, I'll start to ponder on the comments over the coming week to decide on a course of action. Alan
  2. Hi folks, thanks for the replies. Firstly, I'll say, I'm a relative newbie to unRAID so I'm open to suggestions. The following is my rationale for using "most free". I have drives varying from 8TB down to 5TB, 4TB and 3TB. The 8TB drives were new at the time the NAS was built. The other drives had been used in other PCs, some Linux, some Windows. I wanted to make sure that the 8TB drives were used first but then once 3TB had been stored on each of them, to start to store data spread equally between the 8TBs and the 5TB. Then when another 1TB had been stored on all driv
  3. @jonathanm I think you've misunderstood my intentions. Replacing the drive will give me around 5TB extra storage in the array. When I replace the old 3TB drive (which has approx. 2TB used and 1TB free) and rebuild, the new 8TB drive will have 2TB used and 6TB free space. The idea of the rebalance is to soak up some of the new spare capacity with data from the other drives. The allocation method on the shares is "most-free" so, assuming I can spread the data around evenly, then I should end up with around 14TB spare capacity spread across the 8 data drives (compared to t
  4. I have an existing NAS array consisting of 8 drives plus parity drive. Three of the data drives and the parity drive are 8TB, the others are a mix (2 x 3TB, 2 x 4TB and 1 x 5TB). 34TB of the 43 TB in the array is used and only 9TB free. Most of the drives have only around 1TB free. Until now I've not been able to afford to expand the drives but over the weekend I plan to replace one of the 3TB drives with a new 8TB. This will give me approximately an additional 5TB storage. (Hopefully in the next few months I plan on another similar HDD upgrade from 3TB to 8TB). The shares are arra
  5. No, I did. All was fine with the original setup. The problems have arisen since I tried to restore my settings after the recent problem referred to in my original post in this thread.
  6. Correct. Ah, that sorted it, thanks. Sorry I don't understand what you mean. I tried to delete this and start over but ended up screwing the settings. I've tried to reinstall it but it's asking me to enter something in Host Path 1 and presumably Host Path 2.
  7. Running the system check again I now get errors and warnings as per the first screenshot. I'm totally bewildered I don't remember having to do any of this when I originally installed them. I've also attached screenshots of the current Docker containers screen and Docker Notification Settings. As you may have gathered I don't have a clue as to what to do with this lot, LOL. Thanks Alan PS I am better uninstalling and reinstalling Krusader?
  8. I've set it to "prefer", I've a sneaky feeling that's what it was previously. As for the sizes, I've attached the updated screenshot.
  9. Ok I've copied over the plugins folder and now get a warning "Fix Common Problems: 12-10-2017 14:29 Warnings have been found with your server. Investigate at Settings / User Utilities / Fix Common Problems" Warnings Found Suggested Fix Share appdata is an implied array-only share, but files / folders exist on the cache Set Use Cache appropriately, then rerun this analysis I'm not sure what I need to do. I've attached two screenshots, the first one is all of my User shares and the second one i
  10. Thank you. Yes, the cache disk problems are fixed. Many thanks
  11. I had some problems earlier in the week that meant one of my cache drives seemed to develop a problem and I was unable to format it. At the same time I lost my connection to my Windows PC. Prior to that the system had been stable and working for over 2 weeks without any problems. Although I hadn't previously taken a backup of the boot device, I have now copied over its contents. Consequently I reformatted the boot USB and copied over my unRAID key and original super.dat. I've gone through an initial setup updating: System Settings: Date and Time, Disk Settings to enable autost
  12. Hi Until a few days ago I had a working 8 drive Array consisting of 7 data drives and one parity drive and a 2 SSD cache pool. Unfortunately I hit a problem with one of the SSD drives in the cahce and lost the network connection to my Windows PC. Following advice, I reformatted the boot USB drive and copied over my Pro.key and the super.dat files from the config folder. I've temporarily lost my share settings etc etc but at least I have my network connection back. I've been able to reformat the cache drives without problem. The difficulty I now have is that
  13. Thanks, I redid the flashdrive and copied the files you recommended. I've added the two SSDs to the cache and all is well and also now have my network back, many thanks. I'll start a new topic on restoring the various plug-ins etc as this particular issue has been resolved. Many thanks again.