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  1. Normal Docker update procedure (went to Docker Menu > Check for updates button > Chia will show update available)
  2. Just got the update to 1.1.6. All looks good so far, resolved the timezone and farming issues I've been having.
  3. How does one do this? I am becoming impatient waiting for the upgrade
  4. Has anyone got this Chia docker working alongside Chiadog? I was able to properly install the Chiadog docker, and it is working and sending notifications, but for some reason it can't read my Chia log file. It keeps sending notifications saying Chia isn't running but the log shows that everything is working. I mapped the log directory and I can get to it from within the Chiadog console so I am not sure what is going on.
  5. This was it. Thanks a lot for the info. The update is great.
  6. I have been getting similar errors in Radarr (linuxserver's container) since the latest delugevpn update: Unable to connect to Deluge, please check your settings: Unable to connect to Deluge, please check your settings HttpClient HTTP Error - Res: [POST] 500.InternalServerError And in the docker logs of deluge I have many of these errors [ERROR ] 12:24:38 json_api:285 Invalid JSON request content-type: application/json-rpc I have Sonarr (binhex container) setup with the exact same settings for Deluge and it works fine. Everything was working
  7. I re-read the faq and see that I mis read it. I can now proceed to buy the license. Thank you stuble.
  8. I have an HP Microserver gen 8 and just got started with unRAID. I have 4 WD reds, 1 usb for unraid, and 1 ssd cache. Because I have 6 drives, I was planning to get the 6 drive license. However, when I look at my device page, I see that there is an unassigned device with 268MB of space for HP iLO. Will this extra "device" prohibit me from using the basic license? If yes, is there any way I can remove it so I can qualify for the basic license? Thanks