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  1. Well, I've already crossed the line of being an elitist jerk to you. I'm not being helpful so I'll just excuse myself. I hope you get it worked out. Good luck.
  2. no, he didnt invent the idea of a proxy cache... lol yes, he "just" did it in a docker https://askubuntu.com/questions/2368/how-do-i-set-up-a-cron-job
  3. You could write a script to delete files older than a month. cheesemarathon threw together a docker that simply acts as a proxy cache for steam data. If you think keeping that data forever is "the worst cache option ever" then I don't think you are the intended audience. I suggest you make your own docker with a full browser interface and timers and blackjack and hookers yourself to show how much better than cheesemarathon you are... that will show him. In the mean time, thank you cheesemarathon for making a super basic steamcache so I don't have to buy a 2TB nvme drive for my vr set up, i can just get the 256GB nvme and cache all that stuff on my unraid server
  4. I completely forgot about this thread and wanted to chime in that with the latest beta build allowing you to change the IP of a docker I have it set up on a different IP address than my unraid leaving port 80 available for the unraid interface. obviously it doesnt really matter to have unraid on a different port, i could have put it on 8080 or 443 or something, but it was a neat test.
  5. Oh. I thought that's what you probably meant, but I didn't click edit so I didn't see that exact text. Sorry for being lazy. I've made the change on my home server and it appears to be working now. When I get home from work, I'm going to try the unRAID 6.4.0 feature for giving a docker a different IP address so my unRAID GUI can be on port 80 again. Not that it matters, I'm just curious. I'll chime back in with results..
  6. I'm sorry, I dont understand. What is a key and where do i find the steamcache-ip key?
  7. I'm having a little bit of a problem and it may have to do with being on unRAID 6.4.0-rc9f. I'm following the instructions by cheesemarathon, my unRAIDs ip address is with no vlans. I've gone into settings>identification and changed the unRAID management port from 80 to 81, it no longer shows red on the list of deployed host ports in unRAID and in fact the docker starts fine with pretty much nothing in its log and the address when put into a browser gives me "Request Header Or Cookie Too Large". So I set my dns in windows to and When I try to run the following command in powershell Resolve-DnsName steamcache.cs.steampowered.com -server I get a block of red text part of which says "DNS name does not exist". If i try to ping or nslookup that address it never resolves. I'm pretty sure at this point that its broken, but just for fun, I telnet in and run docker exec steamcache /scripts/watchlog.sh and I get a few blocks of yellow text, but when I try to download Terraria, theres no feedback on that log. I've never set up a steamcache before, so I have to admit I don't know what I'm doing there.
  8. i thought the board on the hd held the GUID. i guess regardless, im 100% sure that unraid is not appropriate here
  9. Your i7-3770 has 4 cores and if I'm reading this right, and admittedly I am a newb here, it looks like all 4 cores are going to your vm leaving nothing for Unraid. It's actually confusing to me why unraid would even allow this, or how it is even able to run at all with all the cores going to your vm. When I ran into the exact scenario you're in now, leaving core 0 for unraid made the system stable after shutting down my vm. This may not be anywhere near a real solution, but at least its a bump, maybe well get somebody who knows what theyre talking about in here.
  10. I haven't used ESXi in quite a while, but when I used it you couldn't actually use the computer it was installed on, it was designed to be basically a headless system. If you are able to use the system via passing through a gfx card to a vm or something then that is 100% a better solution for you. Unraid is a NAS server above all else, the hypervisor role is an afterthought and should not be the primary reason to use it as there are other, better, hypervisors available. < Content removed > I don't think you can use that drive to store your virtual machines, so you'll have to have an external drive for them and they will be slow as hell. Basically, Unraid is not the right product to use here. I think you would be wasting your time even looking at this product for that application.
  11. By ports do you mean controllers? I think you need to passthrough the entire controler. Try not using the hub, see if that changes anything. I had a problem with my USB 3 hub as well (Orico brand). I ended up using that libvirt hotplug plugin whenever I plugged a usb device in. Obviously this isn't a solution to the problem, but it could give you an idea where the problem might lie.
  12. Solved. In my original post I mentioned that this unraid usb was used in another computer with an fx processor. Somehow while in that environment isolcpu was set to 2,3,4,5,6,7 which locked those cores out of the unraid os. I simply used the GUI and went to Main>Flash and modified that line to not include 2,3 and now all 4 cores are being used by plex. Unfortunately its still using them 100%, but thats not unraids fault, im going to try overclocking to fix that problem. Thanks for the help joedotmac as well as these two threads https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/54287-isolcpus-results-in-only-1-core-being-used/ https://www.tapatalk.com/topic/18593-unraid/50299-only-getting-30-performance-with-games-cant-determine-bottleneck
  13. I assume you're operating the VM from the unraid box itself and passing through the good gfx card. How are you passing the mouse/keyboard? are you just selecting them in the vm config screen? Have you tried passing through the entire usb controller that they are connected to? Be careful to follow this guide closely as you dont want to forward the usb controller being used by your unraid usb drive https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/35112-guide-passthrough-entire-pci-usb-controller/ Another thing to try is Libvirt Hotplug USB. Which you probably want anyway for connecting usb flash drives. https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/45537-plug-in-hotplug-usb-for-virtual-machines/ I THINK that Libvirt Hotplug USB is also available on Community Applications which is a total must for getting plugins installed https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/38582-plug-in-community-applications/
  14. Ill try out the binhex repo later tonight. Ive confirmed that a00beffc616 is plex and attached is that docker idleing. Also attached is my list of installed dockers, mostly low demand python stuff, but the main problem is my suspicion that only 2 cores are being used by plex in the first place. I understand that plex is the vast majority of processing requirement, but I was running pretty much this same config on steamos (debian fork if you didnt know) and had much better performance.
  15. Thank you for showing me that docker, very usefull troubleshooting tool. Unfortunately, if I'm reading this right, all I'm confirming is that it is indeed only using 2 cores. All the mac addresses I selected and screenshotted are mostly at 0 with a few little spikes, I don't know why I have 2 of them using cpu, I only have plex working on anything. Im pretty sure a00beffc616 is plex. Note that screenshot 1 is overall CPU utilization shortly after playing a 1080p movie with no subtitles, original quality and original sound playing through a different computer on firefox, sorry I chopped the nav bar off on that screenshot.