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  1. Sorry but I have no idea, I asked what is the ONU you’re using because I had a similar problem before which I solved, but unfortunately the solution can’t be done on yours. My isp provides a router with a SFP port and the ONU part is in there SFP stick so I just swap out the router then use my own 10gbps router and switche to solve it(everything I needed to use the internet is in the SFP module so I don’t need their router)
  2. What is the brand and model of the 'modem'? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. My plan is to NOT give any kind of network access to the VM so both solution isn't possible.
  4. I've seen that already, but that does not have a solution inside. It just suggests me to use the built in RDP, which I can't do since the machine isn't connected to any network.
  5. I have a Windows 10 VM that has a passed through GPU for hardware acceleration, but I will need to use it remotely(without giving network access to the VM itself), so I added VNC to the VM as well, but while the GPU output works, the VNC says "Guest have not initialized the display (yet).", how do I fix this? In the device manager I also see error code 31 for the VNC display adapter.
  6. Use GUI mode boot and change it in the settings. Or alternatively, use a spare router set to the old network range then connect the Unraid and your computer to the spare router then change it.
  7. What is the model of device that has the 100mbps ports
  8. I love how I can just add one drive to the array at a time unlike other raid which I’ll have to add multiple drive at a time. I wish unraid VM editor can retain my custom xml edits so I can use the GUI editor even I have custom xml edits.
  9. how many subnet do you have? Is the computer that you tried to connect to pihole on the same subnet as the pihole? If not, try to use the same subnet, btw, pihole should have a web interface, try to open that as well
  10. Is it set to the same subnet as your server?or subnet that you and the server can access?
  11. Use bridge so the container will have another IP address