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  1. Thank you itimpi.. I will check it out now to see if it is only one drive or something random across multiple
  2. Is there a command / way of show wish drive a specific folder / directory is housed?
  3. Yes. I them set to fill 50% and move onto the next and so on.
  4. yes. The files come from many sources and are being archived on the UNRAID server. Strangely. If I copy "OVERWRITE" over a directory that is not working with the same directory data, the files still fail. But, if I copied the data into another new directory, they work file... I'm lost.
  5. What strange is that even some of the data in directories with the strange random inode size are working. Any ideas would be awesome... Example: The 80thBay... data within is working and so is the the others that are set to 4096.
  6. Could it be one of the drives was not formatted properly and the data that it getting copied to it has this random inode. If so, is there a fix? On typical ext4 file system the default inode size is 256 bytes, block size is 4096 bytes.
  7. Thanks Squid. I just noticed something interesting.. The folders/directories that have the issue for some reason are not set to block size 4096 bytes (ext4). They are random or as it looks. 6 bytes or 28 bytes, I also have a 208 bytes directory.. Here's a image.
  8. Best practices for moving data? Issue: Moving 11 TB of data video / photo over to our new UNRAID server. a. Some folders/files moved by plugging in USB drive into the server and using Krusader Docker App b. Some folders/files moved via Network c. Some folders/files moved by placing old drive into hot-swap slot directly into the server and copying from it For most I turned off cache drive so it could directly write to the drives as there were so many TB to move. Now that I'm testing data on the UNRAID Server I'm seeing a ton of problems. See attached photos. Does not matter the format of the file they do not open and show as corrupt. I know moving data is not rocket science; drag and drop and wait a few days for all to be moved so I'm at a loss! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone!
  9. Bingo! Thanks so much... I changed the shares to read YES to use CACHE instead of Preferred and that worked! Thanks again!
  10. Does anyone know how to fix is issue? My 250GB cache has filled up and when I hit MOVE NOW to immediately activate the mover script it just sits there. I let it sit there over night and when I returned the driver were sleeping and nothing was moved. I rebooted and started the array back up and tried again. Nothing. Says the mover app is running but nothing is happening. BTW I have the mover schedule for every hour. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I will run with that as we still have no internet. AT&T is simply crap when it come to customer service.
  12. Yes!! Great to know. I will be purchasing when the trail is up but was going to look elsewhere if a constant connection was required. I dump truck ripped out cables from the pole and this is days two with know hardline. 😢
  13. Own internet went down 2 days ago and found that I was no longer able to access our UNRAID array. Unraid shows " NO CONNECTION " obviously because our internet is down.. SEE PHOTO attached. Is there a work around or is this the way UNRAID deals with security? If UNraid can't phone home you can't access your array? Please advise. Thanks.