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  1. I will run with that as we still have no internet. AT&T is simply crap when it come to customer service.
  2. Yes!! Great to know. I will be purchasing when the trail is up but was going to look elsewhere if a constant connection was required. I dump truck ripped out cables from the pole and this is days two with know hardline. 😢
  3. Own internet went down 2 days ago and found that I was no longer able to access our UNRAID array. Unraid shows " NO CONNECTION " obviously because our internet is down.. SEE PHOTO attached. Is there a work around or is this the way UNRAID deals with security? If UNraid can't phone home you can't access your array? Please advise. Thanks.
  4. Sounds like a plan guys. I’ll get it to fail and post diag. Fix it through terminal and post again. 👍
  5. No access to hot-swap drives unless REBOOT or manual RESCAN via terminal rescan_scsi_bus / Rescan button also does not work.
  6. Nope! The rescan button does not work. Still the command line or reboot is the only remedy.
  7. Thanks for the double arrow rescan tip. As for the mother board, yes. It’s set for hot swap and nothing has changed since the stable 6.7.2 update. It’s a brand new install with no data on the main 16TB of drive.
  8. Changed Status to Open Changed Priority to Minor
  9. After the latest stable release 6.7.2 Hot-Swap does not work. Example. Added another drive into an available drive bay but the drive does not show up in Unassigned_Devices. (see 1st image) Rescaned from terminal: rescan_scsi_bus (see 2nd image) Drive now shows up as an Unassigned_Device (see 3rd image) Additional information: I also tried to uninstall Unassigned_Devices and Re-install and that did not work either. The only other thing that worked was to [ REBOOT ] the server which also immediately displayed the missing drive. Could it be that there is an issue with hot-swapping drives and auto repolling/scanning for changes in the SCSI subsystem? If anyone is having this issue where drives are not showing up when swapped into your server, REBOOT or run command rescan-scsi-bus from the terminal. Note: @testdasi was kind enough to provide the later remedy. Any additional method of a permanent fix would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks testdasi! Worked! Screencaps attached. 1. 4th drive installed and does not show up 2. 4th drive installed and rescan-scsi-bus was executed. 3. 4th now shows up as an Unassigned_Device Question for everyone... This was not a "THING" prior to the update. Is this a bug that needs to be worked out or are we just going to have to re-scan the drive each time we hotswap a drive? Thanks all!
  11. Thank you. I will give that a shot and report back. I wonder what is the cause of the issue.
  12. I'm not sure if this has to do with the latest UPDATE but here's the issue. When hot swapping a drive in the past; the drive would immediately show up as an Unassigned_Devices and now, they don't! I've tried the following: Plugged drives into all the available bays, nothing. Deleted Unassigned_Devices and Reinstalled, nothing. The only thing that works is to [ REBOOT ] the server. As you can see a before and after screenshot. Before, the reboot, NO DRIVE, after the REBOOT the drive miraculously appears ready to be MOUNTED. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Great point. Question about Unassigned Devices. I was transfering data via a USB 3.1 bare drive HUB the last time I build the array. Is it "faster" to simply plug in the drive with data and under Unassigned Devices hit MOUNT and copy the files over? Thanks