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  1. Has anybody figured out the SESSION ERROR problem? I am another of those affected by this. I can log in the initial front end page, but only if I use my external domain name. It won't work if I refer to the site using the IP address. It also fails when I try to connect to the admin page, either using IP address or domain name. I think that it is probably related to my LetsEncrypt proxy configuration, but I don't understand why it broke at the last update. It worked fine until then. I looked at the link kindly provided by aptalca, but none of the suggested issues seem to belong to my configuration. I already had default and admin locations in my proxy configuration.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Turns out that the port forwarding on my router was screwed up when I changed the NIC in my server. Turns out it did port forwarding by MAC address not IP address.
  3. Literally just upgraded the container to the latest version and now cannot access any of the sites/servers on my unraid box. When I look at my logs I am getting the error message shown below: Thanks for any help, Jason
  4. I am getting the same problem as Tabraxis.