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  1. I wanted to say thanks to the OP, deeks and the others that helped make this script! It just what I was looking for. Works great!
  2. I updated both of my unRaid systems and I am no longer having the Trace Calls. You can consider this resolved for me.
  3. No problem. I will be sure to post back here to le you all know.
  4. @binhex Just so you are aware I was on 6.4.0_rc14. I upgraded to 16b and the problems started a couple hours after.
  5. Sorry for the delay. Do you guys need anything from me? Anything I can test to help out?
  6. Great. I moved just the BZ* files and everything is back to normal. Thanks for the help!
  7. Never mind. I did in fact make a backup copy before upgrading (thank god). So I have a backup copy of my USB's contents before I did the upgrade. Should I just shut the server down, unplug the USB and then replace all the files with my backup from a Windows system?
  8. @Squid - sorry to bother you again. I tried copying the files in the previous folder but I am still running 6.4.0_rc16b. I actually moved the files there instead of copying them. I know this is really dumb but I forgot to do a full backup of my USB before I upgraded. Will it work if I backup the current contents of the config folder and then recreate the USB drive from a windows machine using the USB creator tool?
  9. Understood. Well I can just return to the previous unRaid OS(RC), right? To do that I would just copy the files from the previous folder to the root of the USB boot drive, right? Again, thanks so much for the help. I really appreciate it!
  10. What exactly is a trace call? I did a quick google search but I still don't understand. Will it cause a real problem? Besides it freezing the other day I have not had problems. My dockers are connected to the internet and are able to download torrents.
  11. I spoke too soon. I still have the trace calls. acsfs-diagnostics-20171217-1301.zip
  12. Sorry for reporting the issue in the incorrect spot. Is there a way for me to move the thread to the Pre-Release section? Anyways, thanks for the excellent help Squid! You're awesome! I'll be shooting you a donation. I changed the network type to BR0 and it started without issues. I no longer have the call traces either.
  13. You would think more people would be having an issue with this though? I can't be the only one that runs dockers like this, right?
  14. Yes they do stop if I disable delugevpn . The problem is that I route the traffic from the other dockers to the delugevpn using privoxy that is baked in.
  15. That is correct. I tried running the docker with a networking mode of host but it will not start afterwards. I get this from the log: 2017-12-17 12:16:52.014001 [crit] Network type detected as 'Host', this will cause major issues, please stop the container and switch back to 'Bridge' mode
  16. I never set up open VPN on unRaid itself that I know of. Is this something that needs set up? I am using a VPN for a deluge docker and I have a VM that runs an openvpn server on top of ubuntu. BTW: I ran the commands you suggested but no dice. Still getting the call traces.
  17. I am going to include a little more details here as I do not know if it relates to the problem at all. When I first upgraded to 6.3.5 I was getting some call trace errors, problems pinning CPU threads (see Other Post), but never any freezing. I then upgraded to the pre-release (9f) and this seemed to solve all my problems. Until this pre-release. A little bit after upgrading to this one, I'd say about 3-4 hours after, my system froze. Do you think it would help if I just disabled the bonding? Do you think I take advantage of that realistically? I am going to try turning that off. After looking at your replies, here is my network routing table. Is anything wrong here?
  18. Okay so I stopped all VMs, dockers and I stopped the array. I then turned off bonding and turned it back on then I rebooted. I am still getting call trace errors. I have attached another diagnostic file. Is there anything else that could be causing issues? The error keeps repeating that openvpn is tainted. acsfs-diagnostics-20171217-1117.zip
  19. Hello All, My unRaid server got hung up recently. I was not able to ping, access via the its host name / IP address or SSH into it. I know that it was being stressed out quite a bit and the SSD was pretty hot (around 118F) right before it went unresponsive. I did a hard reset and then the Fix Common Problems plugin alerted me of the Call Traces and the unexpected restart. I had this happen to me before and I believe it was one of my dockers that needed re-installed. I re-installed delugevpn as I thought it had to do with openvpn but I am still getting call traces. I would be grateful if someone could steer me in the right direction. Please let me know if I am missing any important information here. I have attached a diagnostic file here. Thanks for your time, Tyler acsfs-diagnostics-20171217-0612.zip
  20. Yes, everything is fine on my end. Thanks!
  21. I am also getting this. Thanks for your time!
  22. For anyone having this issue, upgrading to the new pre-released helped (6.4.0-rc9f). I believe 6.3.5 just did not support my CPU well. This also solved overheating issues since the other CPU cores were not being used. This is now how the core mappings look.
  23. Hello, I am having the exact same problem that I have linked to below is having ("'cpuset.cpus': Invalid argument"). When I try to select specific CPUs for VMs they will not start. I am able to edit the VMs settings but when I go to start it I get the error in the subject title above. Here is a screenshot of the CPU Thread Pairs: Here is the VM CPUs I have to choose from: The only way I can seem to get it to run is when I only select CPU 0. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much for your time! Related post: unrfs-diagnostics-20171018-2042.zip
  24. Thanks for the quick response! I will give that a shot. I have one other question and maybe this is more of a plugin support question but in "Tips & Tweaks" the "CPU Frequency Scaling" option is blank and on the side it states "no driver". I know this server / CPU has turbo boost and it is enabled. Is there a way to get a driver to be recognized? If this is in the wrong place, my apologies. Thanks!