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  1. I wanted to say thanks to the OP, deeks and the others that helped make this script! It just what I was looking for. Works great!
  2. I updated both of my unRaid systems and I am no longer having the Trace Calls. You can consider this resolved for me.
  3. No problem. I will be sure to post back here to le you all know.
  4. @binhex Just so you are aware I was on 6.4.0_rc14. I upgraded to 16b and the problems started a couple hours after.
  5. Sorry for the delay. Do you guys need anything from me? Anything I can test to help out?
  6. Great. I moved just the BZ* files and everything is back to normal. Thanks for the help!
  7. Never mind. I did in fact make a backup copy before upgrading (thank god). So I have a backup copy of my USB's contents before I did the upgrade. Should I just shut the server down, unplug the USB and then replace all the files with my backup from a Windows system?
  8. @Squid - sorry to bother you again. I tried copying the files in the previous folder but I am still running 6.4.0_rc16b. I actually moved the files there instead of copying them. I know this is really dumb but I forgot to do a full backup of my USB before I upgraded. Will it work if I backup the current contents of the config folder and then recreate the USB drive from a windows machine using the USB creator tool?
  9. Understood. Well I can just return to the previous unRaid OS(RC), right? To do that I would just copy the files from the previous folder to the root of the USB boot drive, right? Again, thanks so much for the help. I really appreciate it!
  10. What exactly is a trace call? I did a quick google search but I still don't understand. Will it cause a real problem? Besides it freezing the other day I have not had problems. My dockers are connected to the internet and are able to download torrents.
  11. I spoke too soon. I still have the trace calls. acsfs-diagnostics-20171217-1301.zip
  12. Sorry for reporting the issue in the incorrect spot. Is there a way for me to move the thread to the Pre-Release section? Anyways, thanks for the excellent help Squid! You're awesome! I'll be shooting you a donation. I changed the network type to BR0 and it started without issues. I no longer have the call traces either.
  13. You would think more people would be having an issue with this though? I can't be the only one that runs dockers like this, right?
  14. Yes they do stop if I disable delugevpn . The problem is that I route the traffic from the other dockers to the delugevpn using privoxy that is baked in.
  15. That is correct. I tried running the docker with a networking mode of host but it will not start afterwards. I get this from the log: 2017-12-17 12:16:52.014001 [crit] Network type detected as 'Host', this will cause major issues, please stop the container and switch back to 'Bridge' mode