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  1. Hello, When trying to access my Nextcloud webgui I receive: "This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 7.2. You are currently running 7.3.6." Can I force Nextcloud to update the php version it is using and if so how?
  2. Exactly this, didn't even notice something was in that field. Thank you for the help.
  3. I am getting this error as well although I am using a custom (NordVPN) setup.
  4. I am attempting to run a java program in a Windows 10 VM with 8GB RAM assigned in unRAID. When the program tries to open it reports free memory of 109MB and max memory of 810MB. I am unsure what would cause this as all 8GB is detected by Windows. Any ideas? Thank you.
  5. I will certainly try that, it just seems to me that 8x for operating just a windows desktop has always been more than enough.
  6. Its in the 1st PCIe slot which is 16x. There is a SATA expansion card in the second full size 8x PCIe slot.
  7. I have a GTX 770 passed through to a Windows 10 VM that causes the VM to perform worse than no GPU. It makes the VM behave like the refresh rate is about 10-15 fps. I have tried both OVMF and SeaBIOS. I am using the ACS override because there is a storage controller in the same IOMMU group as the GPU if I don't use the override. I have tried with Hyper-V on and off. Nothing seems to make a difference. The performance degradation is present from the moment the GPU is passed through, even before drivers are installed. What could be causing this? Thanks!
  8. I have deleted appdata and I will setup the dockers again. I have backups of the old config files if I need them but a fresh start is probably best. This has solved my issues with both Dolphin and OpenVPN. Although since I was informed about mc I don't really need Dolphin anymore. Thank you for helping me through this learning experience. I will try not to destroy my file permissions in the future.
  9. I have rebuilt the docker.img file and added the openvpn-as docker back alone. It is still unable to access its permissions.
  10. I have started mc over SSH and I will delete the docker.img and rebuild it. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks.
  11. I will let it go a day or two and post the diagnostics again. I will try to give you the recent changes I have made below just for some background. I have been working on setting up nextcloud for data backup. I attempted to setup a mariaDB docker to run the SQL server for nextcloud. I had trouble getting the two dockers to talk to each other and I needed to edit some things in the mariaDB config. I went to use Dolphin in order to access the config files since I am not as good with just using CLI. Dolphin would not connect. I thought it may have been corrupted from an unclean shutdown and I tried to reinstall the docker. It had issues and I did some googling. Nowhere could I find the specific issue but I found a lot of references to a permissions issue. I (probably broke OpenVPN) used the New Permissions utility in the unRAID tools to reset the permissions. After that I have left it alone and posted above. Thanks again for the assistance.
  12. I am a pretty novice user so anything you see that needs improvement would be helpful beyond the stated issues. I appreciate the help. tower-diagnostics-20170316-0806.zip
  13. I am on 6.3.2. I have some working dockers like Plex and duckdns. My OpenVPN docker webgui has become unaccessible as well and is reporting in its log that permission is denied to its config files.
  14. Hello I am trying to add Dolphin back to my server after stopped working for an unknown reason. I get this error when adding it through community applications. Error: failed to register layer: stat /var/lib/docker/btrfs/subvolumes/d596d9cc7f81471bf24b69abde982dae2ad6f5a6fb28723f86f125877d829ab6: no such file or directory. Can you help me out? Thanks!