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  1. I'm using NUT with my Xtreme power p80 series UPS. NUT seems to detect it, though I have to manually set the battery size. As far as I can tell everything is working correctly, except that it seems to shut my server and client down immediately upon AC power loss instead of depleting the battery. I believe I have it setup correctly, it's set to power the server down at 10 minutes on the battery.
  2. All of a sudden this container won't load. When trying to bring up the WebGUI all I get is "Cannot Connect". There are no errors in the logs and I haven't even logged into the GUI in months because everything worked. Tried reinstalling it, changing branches, changing to bridge/host/br0, deleted all appdata and copied it back over. What's going on? How do I fix this?
  3. Great, just wanted to double check. Thanks!
  4. Ok cool, easy fix then. This won't delete the world right?
  5. @ich777 thanks for the great containers. I'm running 2 Valheim containers and both are working just fine except for one issue. Almost every time that the CA Appdata backup runs, the first server doesn't come back up because the original ports are added back to the 2nd server and it won't let the other one start. I deleted the original port and game port on the 2nd server, but it's coming back. Any idea how to stop it from doing this?
  6. Ok, that's good to know. I thought mine needed balancing but maybe not now that I look again. Well for now I won't turn on the balance script and I'll keep a closer eye on it to see if it ever needs it. Hopefully not, in which case I'll just keep the scrub one.
  7. @CarpNCod thank you so much for posting that. I can't believe it was just before I started looking for this, and I only just found out you need to regularly balance the btrfs pool... Thanks to @Helmonder for the original as well. I've taken that and used it to schedule a weekly scrub as well as a monthly balance (same script but running a balance). I do have a question about the log file though, where do you find that? I haven't run it yet, but wanted to do a test run and then check out the log file to make sure it works. I'm also curious since you aren't correcting errors, if it does need to be corrected will it throw and error and alert you in the notification? I'm not sure if that's the point of the error handling or if it's just if the script/command fails. Edit: Oh and now that I know how to create a notification like that, I'm totally going to go back over my scripts and add more! Edit2: oh I really don't have any scripts that need notifications, oh well.
  8. Yes you have to delete it. I tried force update first but it doesn't do anything.
  9. Since the GitHub post didn't specify anything for UnRAID specifically, I'll post it here to confirm it for anyone who's unsure. Simply delete your current container (and image). Reinstall the container, and choose the Default (or Latest). I just did this in less than 15 minutes and it was extremely painless and saved all my settings. You can search for the container easily enough but if you're unsure which one you had installed you can always check Previous Apps in the left menu.
  10. Oh I'm sure it's my fault somehow, I just dunno how. Screenshot of settings: @ich777 Alrighty I think I have it figured out. I believe the server was continually rebooting itself (taking about a minute to do so) and throwing an error when it tried to start, causing the reboot. Error seems to have been caused by an out-dated map-settings file, which has now been corrected. Server is stable, and the log is no longer being spammed. Problem solved! Confirmed I can connect to it as well. Not sure what exactly happened with the map file, but I'm sure it was because of updates.
  11. Turns out the Factorio container is causing this. Will post on their thread for assistance.
  12. @ich777 I'm using your Factorio container (thanks for setting that up by the way) It works fine, except that it's spamming my server log with network device renaming: Dec 26 22:40:41 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from veth8b51caa Dec 26 22:40:44 SkyNet kernel: veth8b51caa: renamed from eth0 Dec 26 22:41:45 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from veth21fc8e6 Dec 26 22:41:48 SkyNet kernel: veth21fc8e6: renamed from eth0 Dec 26 22:42:52 SkyNet kernel: veth3e0c201: renamed from eth0 Dec 26 22:44:57 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from veth1eb2f47 Dec 26 22:44:59 SkyNet kernel: veth1eb2f47: renamed from eth0 Dec 26 22:46:00 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from veth9ec956c Dec 26 22:46:03 SkyNet kernel: veth9ec956c: renamed from eth0 Dec 26 22:47:04 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from veth7c9b7a0 Dec 26 22:47:07 SkyNet kernel: veth7c9b7a0: renamed from eth0 Dec 26 22:48:10 SkyNet kernel: veth55156c5: renamed from eth0 Dec 26 22:49:11 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from vethea63aa1 Dec 26 22:49:14 SkyNet kernel: vethea63aa1: renamed from eth0 Dec 26 22:51:20 SkyNet kernel: veth495550d: renamed from eth0 Dec 26 22:53:41 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from vethf9f63eb Dec 26 22:53:44 SkyNet kernel: vethf9f63eb: renamed from eth0 Dec 26 22:53:46 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from vethfc8a62b Dec 26 22:53:49 SkyNet kernel: vethfc8a62b: renamed from eth0 Dec 26 22:53:51 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from veth75ee072 Dec 26 22:53:53 SkyNet kernel: veth75ee072: renamed from eth0 Dec 26 22:53:55 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from veth87a2bb1 Dec 26 22:54:00 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from veth1f27aac Do you have any idea why it's doing that? I'm assuming I set something up wrong, but have no clue as to what.
  13. My log (var/log) is filling up in just a few days. Every minute or so, I see something like this: Dec 22 09:37:10 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from veth6080b4e Dec 22 09:37:13 SkyNet kernel: veth6080b4e: renamed from eth0 Dec 22 09:38:14 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from vethc5927d2 Dec 22 09:40:22 SkyNet kernel: veth8a37082: renamed from eth0 Dec 22 09:41:23 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from vethd0831d7 Dec 22 09:41:26 SkyNet kernel: vethd0831d7: renamed from eth0 Dec 22 09:42:27 SkyNet kernel: eth0: renamed from veth6b0d449 I found one other thread with the same issue, but that was caused by PiHole which I'm not running. I can't figure out how to determine which container is causing the issue either. Any ideas on a fix?
  14. Are there any recent guides to setup a network boot server on UnRAID? It would be pretty useful to set it up so I could boot any PC on my network with a recovery tool or install a different OS without needing to make a new USB drive. I found some guides or threads that looked good, but they are very out of date: