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  1. Hi @binhex. I'm having trouble getting my binhex-delugevpn container to show the WebUI. I am able to see the WebUI in bridge mode and when I assign binhex-delugevpn its own IP address, I am able to see the WebUI if the VPN is off. My VPN connects successfully, I can run curl in the container to and it gives me a valid IP address saying I am in the Netherlands (as shows in my supervisord.log). I am also authenticating with the "auth-user-pass credentials.conf" setting in my .ovpn OpenVPN config file. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! manifest3r_supervisord.log
  2. I could print you one, if you're interested. It would be printed in PLA, but should hold up to the temps, granted you don't get ambient temperatures of 150C+ . Cost of material shouldn't be too much. I have plenty of matte white, see-through blue, and a little bit of pink material. There are some single-drive options:
  3. So I got everything working. I didn't follow this guide in particular, but I was able to do a fresh install, no problems, well except this. I'm running into an issue where my resolution is set to 1920x1080 when configured for VNC, however once I setup GPU passthrough, it's limited to 1280x1024. Any suggestions? I double and triple checked OVMF and Clover matched at 1920x1080. Not sure what else to do ??‍♂️ EDIT: Figured it out. I have a dummy HDMI plugged in to my GPU to turn on audio. For some reason it's limited on macOS (works fine when routed to a Windows host). Swapped it for a DVI and I got glorious 1080p.
  4. This answers my question perfectly. Thanks Jonathanm!
  5. I'll be making the 3TB drive my parity.
  6. So I've read about the infamous user share copy bug where everything gets truncated to 0's. I have a 1x3tb disk share filled to the brim with about 2.7tb of data. I want to add 2x 1TB, 1x 1.5TB, and 1x 2TB drives, these will be user shares. The directories will be labeled the same, so a simple rsync would be fine - but from my understanding, the shares will not be divided equally, and I would have to transfer the files to each disk1/share1 disk2/share1 disk3/share1 folder manually. What would be the best way to transfer the files from the disk share to user shares?
  7. None of the data is absolutely critical, that's all backed up to Amazon Drive or Dropbox or Google Drive. I don't mind the window of failure I might have - it would just be an inconvenience if something were to happen to the drive.
  8. So I have a zpool of 4 disks containing the following: 2x 1TB WD Red 1x 1.5TB WD Green 1x 2TB WD Green My UnRAID currently contains: 1x 120GB SSD Cache 1x 500GB Data UnRAID hardware: Intel Xeon X5670 22GB DDR3 RAM AMD 7950 Boost I have a 3TB drive I plan to use for UnRAID, currently not installed. I plan on installing the 3TB drive, preclear, and make it part of the array, then migrate all my data over. After the migration, my biggest risk would be all the data being consolidated on a single drive. I would then move my drives over to the UnRAID box, preclear, and make it part of the data array, and make the 3TB drive a parity drive - is this possible? After Migration - Unraid: Cache 1x 120GB SSD Data 2x 1TB WD Red 1x 1.5TB WD Green 1x 2TB WD Green Parity 1x 3TB Seagate
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe your parity is as fast as your slowest disk. In this case, it would be sde.
  10. What did you use to record the drive info? I can't open the attachments.
  11. Looking forward to trying this out! Would I be able to import my existing FreeNAS 10 ZFS pool (based on freebsd 11)?
  12. Hi, I'm a new UnRAID user, moving in from FreeNAS. I setup SSL via reverse proxy, however I am unable to modify Plugins/Apps since the hostname doesn't match up with my SSL certificate. I attempted to modify the hostname to, and I am unable to type longer than domainname01.xy due to the 15 character limit. I tried changing the hostname in /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts, however it reverted back to my old hostname (domainname01 without the .xyz) after a reboot. Is there a way I can make the change without it reverting back? Thanks, manifest3r