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  1. It was set to "Yes", but I did a No > Apply, then Yes > Apply and it seems to be working. Thanks!
  2. It was working for a while, but now I cannot seem to get remote access working. Port is forwarded. The check passes. It shows that it's connected to the mothership and I've since rebooted the server. Any ideas?
  3. I've actually since upgraded to a 3900x. But, before the upgrade the problem went away and I was able to add 4 cores. I don't know what updated or what changed, but something fixed it. I currently have 8 cores passed to both VMs (not simultaneously) and everything runs fine. No clue what changed.
  4. SpaceInvaderOne explains how to make it autostart here:
  5. Yes, I removed the other two disks. Just have the High Sierra installation that auto boots.
  6. I'm running High Sierra. I just mounted the EFI o partition, copied the EFI and NVRAM over to the EFI on MacOS partition. Works and boots fine. GPU passthrough on the other hand...if you get that working with your Nvidia GPU, please let me know how. I'm still trying to get a 1080ti through without having to also use VNC.
  7. Yeah, nothing I do will let me use the 1080ti. The only way High Sierra will boot is if I use VNC. I have the GPU passed through and the web drivers installed. If I add the GPU after VNC (meaning both added to the VM template), I can VNC into the OS, see the web drivers loaded and see the 1080ti listed, but if I remove VNC, the OS will not boot. I'm kind of at a loss. I've had this GPU passed through to various High Sierra vms and cannot get it working with this most recent one. Anyone else out there able to successfully boot into High Sierra with an Nvidia card on this latest Mac
  8. Using High Sierra and intending to pass through a 1080ti...what needs to be done to the config.plist in OpenCore to allow pass through?
  9. I have a 1080ti that I'd like to pass through to High Sierra. What do I need to change via the OpenCore configurator to do this? I'm used to Clover (checking NvWeb). Much thanks for this container!
  10. Has anyone done a recent install of High Sierra on 6.9 beta 35? I'm getting random hard resets for seemingly no discernable reason within the VM. Sometimes attempting to install packages will do it, other times it'll start a reboot loop. This is on a fresh install with no App Store updates to the OS, Lulu firewall, and passing through a 1080ti with Nvidia web drivers. FWIW, OS lives on the cache drive. I had the exact same installation running rock solid from the introduction of Macinabox (on 6.8.3) and now can't get it to play nice.
  11. Ah, okay. That makes sense. I wasn't sure if there would be a window where what I was doing (manually editing and binding) wasn't going to work after the upgrade, thus breaking my current set-up. Thanks.
  12. Can anyone ELI5 what this passage means for people using an Nvidia card for Plex hardware transcoding on 6.8 and an additional card passed through to a VM (also Nvidia)? I'm using the Nvidia version of Unraid. Am I supposed to do something now, before 6.9 releases?
  13. I've had a High Sierra installation working with a 1070ti passed through for months. Today, upon booting up the VM it no longer grabs the GPU. The Nvidia web drivers are still installed and the GPU boots fine into a Windows VM. Clover still has web drivers checked and it's still a 14,1 Mac. How can I rework getting this VM to grab this GPU? What are the correct steps so that I don't have to start all over?
  14. Just tried on a reboot. Nothing. The cursor is blinking though.