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  1. Ok, rebuild run and completed. I have run another check and it says no bad sectors or corruption. Started the array and looked in the lost & found folder and it's empty. The drive is usable again but I have lost all but 758mb of data from it. it was probably at 2.2tb of data. 😞 Guess there's not much I can do.
  2. Here are the results... reiserfsck 3.6.27 Will read-only check consistency of the filesystem on /dev/md5 Will put log info to 'stdout' ########### reiserfsck --check started at Tue Oct 29 20:01:48 2019 ########### Replaying journal: Trans replayed: mountid 150, transid 74307, desc 264, len 1, commit 266, next trans offset 249 Replaying journal: | | 0.3% 1 trans Trans replayed: mountid 150, transid 74308, desc 267, len 1, commit 269, next trans offset 252 Trans replayed: mountid 150, transid 74309, desc 270, len 1, commit 272, next trans offset 255 Trans replayed: mountid 150, trans
  3. Ok, thanks, I saw those errors but didn't know they would stop all files from being seen. I will proceed as per above and report back. Thank you for your help.
  4. Hi, Here you go....
  5. Hello, I seem to have a problem with anything being 'seen' via any app. All the shares appear empty via WINSCP or when looking at TV episodes in Sonnar or trying to watch something via Infuse for instance. I can however navigate to the data via Main in the frontend. If I go here for example... Index of /mnt/disk2/tv/24/Season 03, I can then see all the files and download on if I choose. If I look at that DIR in WINSCP or 24 as a series in Sonnar it does not show any files or episodes. I recently replaced the parity drive following the correct process and ha
  6. Thanks, Now started agn and it's running a Parity Sync / Data Rebuild.
  7. Hello, I have one drive that is dead. My array is 9 data disks all 3TB and 1 original 3TB Parity drive. I think I might have messed up a little on replacing the dead drive. I have a new 4TB drive that I have added as Parity 2. All good there. How to I now unassign Parity 1 (Existing 3TB drive) and add it to the array again to replace the dead data drive? Thanks in advance.
  8. Ok, downloading it now.
  9. Here you go... smartctl 6.5 2016-05-07 r4318 [x86_64-linux-4.9.30-unRAID] (local build) Copyright (C) 2002-16, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, === START OF INFORMATION SECTION === Model Family: Seagate Constellation ES.2 (SATA 6Gb/s) Device Model: ST33000650NS Serial Number: 9XK0HRB1 LU WWN Device Id: 5 000c50 02e3f7c35 Firmware Version: 0004 User Capacity: 3,000,592,982,016 bytes [3.00 TB] Sector Size: 512 bytes logical/physical Rotation Rate: 7200 rpm Form Factor: 3.5 inches Device is: In smartctl database [for details use: -
  10. Hi, One of the disks in the array is showing a red x and is disabled. When i I run a SMART test on it the result is all clear. Many idea what's causing this?
  11. But... It's fixed the not connecting to CrashPlan Central issue. I copied over the files following the restart of the container and the app connects as it should. I think it was because the identity file was recreated, where as before it was not for some reason. Sorted :-)
  12. On your unRAID server? If I set it to chmod 0444, it still gets overwritten in a restart of the container.