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  1. I'm experiencing the same. unRAID 6.8.3 Constant 5MB/s writes to my cache.
  2. Hey @Djoss, I thought I would take another look into passing an Nvidia GPU into the container and then seeing the steps to getting NVENC with command line. The container isn't even seeing the GPU. Is this because there is no official support for nvidia? I'm also getting these libnvidia-encode errors.
  3. This is what I'm talking about. What is yours set to?
  4. What's your encoder preset? I had mine at "faster" and I dropped it down to "medium" or "slow" and now the usage is high. Try that.
  5. Are you using ffmpeg with NVENC? If you are, would you mind letting me know how you set it up?
  6. I saw that. I just enabled it for Plex. Unfortunately, as Djoss pointed out, Handbrake for linux doesn't support it. Hopefully it will in the future.
  7. Didn't even see that. 😥Maybe some day.
  8. Hey Djoss, Since we are able to pass through NVIDIA GPUs to dockers now (using the nvidia unraid plugin) would that allow for NVENC support for handbrake as stated here?
  9. You are able to see the progress if you pull up the log for the docker container.
  10. Yup. It was my encoder preset. I had it set to ultrafast. I dropped it to medium and it uses 100% now.
  11. So I had my encoding speed set to ultra fast. I dropped it down to "Faster" and it's now using 100% CPU. Do you have a recommendation for which speed to use?
  12. I bought a key and I'm still getting the same error.
  13. I'm getting this error: Even if I manually enter the new beta key (valid until November) and also force update the docker container. Any suggestions?
  14. I'm using H.264. I don't have anything in "Extra Parameters" right now. Is there something I should add in? Also it's reporting about the same usage from the container.
  15. Hey guys I'm encoding a video with HandBrake and my cpu usage hovers around 50%. I checked the cpu shares and it's set to the default 1024. is there anything I can check or configure to let it use 100%? Thanks in advance.